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What HAVEN'T you done in Terraria yet?


Skeletron Prime
I have done everything I have beat all bosses got all drops and beat all waves all rng has been conquered by me


i have never beat the twins or santa nk1 ice queen and other had bosses by my self and never seen the ice queen[DOUBLEPOST=1413334069][/DOUBLEPOST]i mean hard bosses


Oh boy this is going to be a vague question with many vague responses. Isn't that just terrible, haha.

So I'm ticking off the things in my head that I've done in the many many dozens of years that I've been playing Terraria, (.24 dozen, to be exact.) and I realized that I have never truly legitimately had a Christmas Frost Moon event! I've never, ever used a Christmas tree thing or the lights. I've never gotten or used any of the gear that you normally get in the Frost Moon event. It's just never come up. I'd love to make a Christmas area. I don't even celebrate the holiday, but it just looks so lovely. ... and filled with pine trees and other pointy yet friendly things, like Reindeer and pinecones occasionally.

I really need to get on that! o_O

How about you? What things have you notably not done yet that you've really been meaning to get around to doing?

Kindly don't answer if you just purchased Terraria a few minutes ago. :p

This is hard... I feel like I've done everything. =O

Now that I think about it, I want to build a Spaceship that has teleporters that teleport me to different locations around the world. Then getting around would be easy.

A Christmas Area would be a nice thing to do, too, now that you mention it.

how do u even beet a gaurdeian i have not beet one ether

To beat the Dungeon Guardian you should dig a hole into your Dungeon until the Guardian spawns, use Gravitation Potions to flip your gravity, and then shoot it with a Chain Gun or something like that. Make sure you have wings! It is very hard.

The Grunk

Eye of Cthulhu
Look for blue armored bones and skeleton commandoes. also known as the "brick" dungeon

is it a problem if my dungeon looks like this?


Eye of Cthulhu
I just started playing a Hardcore playthrough yesterday. I died 5 times so far or more. I stopped trying to count. Until then I could say I never played on anything but softcore but that changed. Its stressful. And after death I wipe the world.

I never crafted any short swords at all, never made a skybridge because I prefer safety tunnels, and also I never got my hands on a Frost Hydra staff. I never colonized a sky island and never used pumps.

Ive made dungeon guardian farms, made glass bubbles for each villager with teleporters, a world dedicated to farming Eater of Worlds'es (I have 400 unused worm foods), and dug hellevators throughout an entire world to explore every pixel of the map, and obtained Corruptible AND Hallowed be thy Name trophies on PSN, but I have yet to acquire all pets. The stupid penguin fish and 5% plantera drop sapling still elude me. Also The Axe taunts me.

EDIT: I retract the short sword statement. I have made the chlorophyte one.
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