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What HAVEN'T you done in Terraria yet?

Darkest Gaia

Had problems with RNG
Actually grind for an item I really wanted
Fought The Destroyer with any melee at all
Fought Skeletron Prime with any melee at all
Fought The Twins with any melee at all :dryadwhat:
Fought King Slime at a time where he could actually harm me
Used rope on something other than a floating Island


Hoo boy... where to start? I haven't even finished three goals I set for myself:

  • Collected every obtainable banner. Dang RNG. Getting somewhat close though, only missing about 15~20 or so banners. :redspin:
  • Slay 1 000 of every boss. Gonna suck when when 1.3 comes out; more bosses to add to the list. :dryadnaughty:
  • Collect 10 000 platinum coins. Trying to restrict as much farm use as possible. Really unreasonable goal towards myself, but I like torturing myself. :joy:


Pixel Pirate
Built anything worthwhile, or at least, anything more decent than simple box shape spawn and NPC "cages". Gotta sit down one of these days and get to it, build a castle or something. And then give up before even getting it halfway done and go back to exploring caves forever.


Empress of Light
get the ankh shield and the enchanted sword when i can use it (not on a magic playthrough) remember to kill the king slime[DOUBLEPOST=1412938610][/DOUBLEPOST]
I've never played the game with anything other than a softcore character Xp
i got to fighting the destroyer then i died in the fight (on hardcore) i was amazed i got that far[DOUBLEPOST=1412938680][/DOUBLEPOST]
Not get killed by an explosive underground ever. Seriously I might need my eyes checked I never see them.
they are extremely rare only seen 3
Ive never done a full Hardcore Play-Through :dryadconfused: Doesnt bother me to much, especially since I tend to die alot when I first start a new character new world


I have never even been inside the Lizard Temple. I've never beat Skeletron Prime or The Twins legitimately. I have fought Plantera, but I wasn't ready. I was like, "I wonder what this pink thing is," and then died because I wasn't ready. I haven't gotten all of the NPCs either. I've never fought the Frost Legion, Eclipse things, or the Pumpkin Moon. I feel like the game should be over after I beat the WoF, and I won't normally play after I get to Hardmode.

Oh yeah. I have made a small minecart track which was rigged with fireworks to go off like in Donkey Kong Country 2, but I stopped making it soon thereafter and never made a huge minecart track. Also, I've never wired 2 teleporters together or made any Skyware or Crimson furniture.
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