What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?


Also, today we had class again and the dumb chick (see post 1 if you don't know who I'm refering to) gave her great knowledge on economics.

So, we had economics today and we were talking about ΑΚΠ (Gross Domestic Product) and our professor asked us what it was.

She said "Something about stores".

10/10 would listen to that answer again.

Kyouko Tsukino

"Anime/manga is for kids."

"Honest politician."

"Gaming is for kids."

"I'm a pro, I don't bunnyhop." - someone in Loadout, a game where "bunny-hopping" (jumping almost constantly to avoid being hit) keeps you alive and well. He was promptly murder-stomped by aliens because karma.


"Early Access."


Party Girl
"You can't be mute without being deaf too. It's just not possible."

"Why would I give you a raise? You seem to be happy working hard for what you're making now."

Pretty much any usage of "YOLO" (that isn't ironic / sarcastic) as if "You only live once" justified doing something reckless and potentially life-threatening.

"You only live once, so might as well do something stupid and reckless at 17 years old."


Skeletron Prime
"Nobody cares about your silly little comment. Now go put yourself back in the closet." - Trollovon Flidder
That guy really derailed a discussion all over my avatar. (YT)
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