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What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?


"Minecraft came out before terraria" then:
In reality it depends on how you think of it, minecraft beta came out well before terraria but terraria came out before the official release of minecraft so... Yeah.


Skeletron Prime
"Wai woud a man liek anothr man? It doesn't make sens!!11/??"
(Please don't get me for homophobia, he actually worded it WAY worse, this is as clean as I could make it)

He obviously didn't understand in the slightest how sexuality works, and I laughed out loud when he said it.


"You're trying to be right anyway, I can't discuss with you"

... That's stupid, no one would discuss to be wrong, like "HEY, DOOD, LOOK. I'M WRONG. WE DIDN'T EVEN START A DISCUSSION ABOUT WHAT MAKES ME WRONG BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME."
+ I was only trying to make him think about something he has done, there wasn't even something to be right about, he just didn't wanted to listen to me, he could have just said "I don't care at all about what you're saying"
But all of that ended well anyway 'u'


"This suggestion is stupid because it's not necessary."

Implies that the commenter thinks he/she can speak for the devs and what they do or don't want to do, or what they think is or isn't important. (Spoiler alert: No, you cannot).

Implies that aesthetics are not important (spoiler alert: Aesthetics are ALWAYS important).

Is overall just rude and adds nothing constructive.
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