What is this Halloween zombie suposed to be?

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  1. Magnaturro

    Magnaturro Plantera

    Looks like a pixie to me, and it seems other people noticed it too.
  2. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    I think it's supposed to be a bee, it has wings and stuff, doesn't it?
  3. Akireli

    Akireli Official Terrarian

    Yes, but it's more orange then yellow.
  4. Attribule

    Attribule Steampunker

    It's wearing a hockey mask and is holding a machete.
  5. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Crowno already confirmed that it was a Pixie
  6. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    Obvious pixie zombie is obvious.

    I don't even know where the idea of this zombie being "Jason" came from. Too used to calling terrible cosplays good? %-_-
  7. Damn it you beat me to it!
  8. Americat

    Americat Golem

    The wiki finally changed it to "Pixie" zombie, so now we have conformation ;)
  9. PulseFox

    PulseFox Spazmatism

    it is definitely a pixie. its orange, the wings are almost like the pixie wings, (except pixie wings are facing down) and even the mask is obvious. he dosent even have a weapon, all he does is smacks you like a regular zombie. and jason has a machete.
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  10. Americat

    Americat Golem

    Thank you! Mr. Obvious! And I quote, a pixe! Not a pixie, a pixe! What the hell is it anyways? I give up trying to be helpful once someone who misspelled pixie insults me. I'm done. :(
  11. PulseFox

    PulseFox Spazmatism

    sry, i fixed that.
  12. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    I still think it's a bee...
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  13. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    Definitely a pixie/fairy.