What type of role plays do you want to see

The only actually interesting RP in a realistic setting that I can think of would be a war RP or something, but, I feel like that wouldn't leave much room for that many interesting characters.
Taxes or something I'd guess.
Hm... Bureaucracy could be funny. I know what you're thinking, but hear me out.

The Department of Inconvenience.

It's a battle between unreasonable people who have unknowingly had their complaints rerouted to the call center made just for them and a department with the single goal of wasting the time of people that will never be satisfied. It's horrible people vs people that are horrible on purpose!
I think just clashing of Action and Comedy with no recognition of that comedy would be fun. My example was a person has a weapon that shoots metal disks but runs out of ammo so he sticks a manhole cover in place and there is a dramatic charge up then he starts to walk off and falls into the manhole. But he never acknowledges the otherwise comedic occurrence and just gets back up and continues like he was.
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