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What would you do if Terraria became real?

Would you use your Terraria knowledge for good or for evil?

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At midnight, January 1, 2015, let's say that odd things start happening. The Grand Canyon suddenly turns dark, evil. Odd creatures appear out of nowhere. Governments begin to panic. Odd brick buildings appear in deserted areas. What would you do if this happened? Take out your weapons and become a gun for hire? Rob people with your new weaponry? Take over the world? Be a protector of the people? Start your own society? Tell us what you would do below!


The Destroyer
Oh, so women and children can fend for themselves. Great idea!
Who said women and children are weak?

What I'm basing what I said on is the whole philosophy of protecting yourself before you protect others. Because if you don't protect yourself, you can't protect anyone else. And since this is in an apocalyptic scenario (please take notice of what that word means), most would struggle to fend for themselves, let alone others.

This kind of thinking already exists actually. Do you know the aeroplane safety measures before you take flight? It tells you specifically if oxygen vents from the plane to put your mask on before you help anyone else, regardless of who else you might be helping.


I'd place a chair in my shower, another chair in my kitchen and yet another chair in my bedroom.
Then I'll wait for the best and hope the nurse, mechanic and dryad will spawn in my house. But hey, with my luck I'll be getting the smelly pirate, ugly goblin and the demolitionist, who'll ultimately blow my house and me to smithereens. -_-


I would immediately head to my uncle's house who lives about 9 hours from my house. He is a gun collector and has a couple shotguns, rifles, handguns, and so on. I think we'd be set for a while. :cool:

And my main goal would be to help KILL ALL of these new enemies.
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