PC What would you like to have in 1.3?

a flail that has 100% crit chance and looks like this


This would be a great forum that should be watched by the developers. It's like having the player suggestion forums compounded into one forum.

nobody anymore

Eye of Cthulhu
A small blade that does little damage but has a high crit chance.

Or a blade that does mediumish damage but slashes twice in one swing (think Falcon Sword from Dragon Quest)


Skeletron Prime
The ability to forge weapon effects onto other weapons, such as a Frostbrand with Terra blade effects, etc. I don't really know how this would be done, but it would be sick.


I want to play Terraria natively on Linux. Also: more musical instruments (like trumpet), more spears, Seasons, desert remake, more varied edges of the world (like Mountains on the one side, bigger Ocean on another side), upgrade for my favourite Water Bolt, ability to sit (and maybe crouching/sneaking), ability to throw NPCs (suplex rampage :dryadhappy:). That's all for now.
Oh, one more thing: I want "Huge / Very Large" map size so bad. Comparison:
Large Map (8400 x 2400 blocks), around 5 Floating Islands;
Huge Map (16800 x 4800 blocks), around 10 Floating Islands.

Of these, the two I really like are the seasons and the idea of mountains, specifically of a Mountain biome. I think that would be really cool. New rocky textures, mountain goat enemies, perhaps a boss? Man, honestly, the more I think about it the more I think that would be awesome.


Skeletron Prime
No like a boomerang that well in the air shoots a bullet and the bomerang still does damage like it could shoot exploding bullets


Okay, a lot.

First of all, I want to be able to dye weapons. Like seriously, just combine a tinkerers workshop and a dye vat, to make a weapon dye station for those "it must match with my character" people. I am one of them:dryadgrin: . Okay. Next I want a grappling hook slot, I don't like it clogging up my inventory. Next, I want a new ore, like, Caronite ore or something, cause why not? Next, there should be a Night's Edge for the Crimson, like "The Blood of the Dead" or something like that. And a Terra Blade for the Crimson Night's Edge too. And you should make a sword where you combine the Terra Blade, The Horseman's Blade, And the Christmas Three Sword. It shall be OP:mad:.


Maybe every boss drops a weapon for each class? For example Duke Fishron should drop a sword! Or a Repeater... I don't know. Maybe armor..?


Cursed Flamethrower?

Could require a special drop from Spazmatizm.

I made, like a whole page about that. ( In my notebook ) Its called a new boss, the triplets, made by combining 2 mechanical eyes and 1 suspicious looking eye to make a bloodshot eye. Just that EoC shoots Demon Scythes. Then Spazmatism drops a Greek Fire Launcher and EoC drops a Demon Scythe Launcher, like the Stake laundher, and Retinazer gives a Laser Machinegun.


I know that npcs will be able to sit on benches and chairs in 1.3 but I would really like if they make it so the players can do it too.
(albeit it must be a lot of working making new sprites for every armor and clothes in the game and thats not including the new stuff thats gonna be in 1.3)
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