What's your most hated sounds on terraria?

whoneedsnamestbh said:
Whip sound is obnoxious

Totally agree. The "whiplash" is disturbing when you realize it's a melee weapon that are autoswung 3 times a second

whoneedsnamestbh said:
Etherian Wyvern shriek
It sound way too high-pitch for something of that size, specially tier 3 ones. Dragon roars are what I anticipate

Also, for those that think "vortex beater" will destroy their eardrums, I find the sound to be okay. For those that think it's not okay, they need to go and listen to some 8-barrel minigun sound. And then they will regret why they follow my "prescription" in the first place.
It also look really badass.

I dislike the "martian invasion" music. As martian as they can get, my hearing central will bleed.
I quite like the goblin music.
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New underground jungle music
Scott Lloyd Shelly betrayed us
I somewhat agree with this, I don't hate the track but, it just feels so... "out of place"?? 🤔🥤

The only reason I don't really mind it though, is that the Otherworldly Tracks are all bangers. Plus, I've been using the Lisa OST Pack for most Normal Worlds, so I haven't heard original Terraria music in quite some time; though I will add that, the new Township and Space (Daytime) tracks are a lullaby to my soul. 🥺💕
There is an ambient noise in hell that me and my friends have agreed on that it is a demon screech and I laugh when doing nwnc with people because they hear it and say “WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL IS THAT NOISE I’VE HEARD IT FOR THE 10TH TIME NOW”
Honestly i find the player hurt sounds really obnoxious, though the female hurt sound is in my opinion the lesser of the two annoyances, therefore i create female characters 95% of the time i play
The only time I ever modded Terraria was replacing the fart in a jar sound with a regular jump sound. It was just too annoying

Translation: the God awful sound the meowmere projectiles make when hitting things, it's SO ANNOYING

I also dislike the underground desert theme by a large margin
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