What's your most hated sounds on terraria?

I hate those: When enemies pick up the coins, loud water splash, zombie and skeleton screams, mummy's sound, pixie sound, and fairy sound.
I have never hated Crimson and Underground Crimson under anything else. I absolutely despise both tracks, this is why I almost always pick Corruption. It’s just too eerie and scary for me to deal with. I also don’t like the grotesque and morbid theme it brings with its enemies, though I love the colour red. That is the only positive about my least favourite biome, and the sound is just… nope. I rarely go into Crimson worlds unless I have Meteorite or Hellstone gear, just before I defeat the WoF.
I absolutely hate the sound when you kill a Bat. It somehow pisses me off if it landed a hit on me, and only then do I kill it for that annoying sound to be heard.

While not annoying, in 1.4 at night, when you hear the repeated sounds of a falling star falling down, it does make me a bit antsy the more you hear it, even though they are harmless.
The digging of worm enemies gives me conniptions
Omg same sort of! Once I hear it, it's deadlocked into my mind that a worm is trying to snipe me from the ground/wall. Not to mention, their digging sound can be almost not even heard if your digging. One thing to note is that if you were somehow running (with lots of space underground) with any Boots items while one was about to snipe you, the sounds would be so similar, it would be literally like you just hear your running sound!

Also the "pht pht pht pht" sound when you have the chilled effect. Eeurgh.
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I don't necessarily hate a lot of the sounds in the game, but if I were to have to choose one, it's the sound expert + master mode EOC makes when it dashes around.
That one half growling half screaming noise that plays when ever a boss spawns or charges. God the ECHOES.
There are few sounds in the game that bother me but there are a few:
Most annoying persistent sound goes to the painful ear cringing hum of pixies/fairies
Music wise the only track I hate is otherworldly Jungle its so painful that I avoid the Jungle whenever possible in drunk worlds and if I venture there I need to carry a music box in my vanity slots to override the theme. Keep in mind that otherwise the Jungle has always been my favorite biome.

Other infuriating sounds are the SDMG and Vortex Beater a s they are loud enough to cause real hearing damage. I mean given that the weapons both are based on are the kind of things that require hearing protection to use without going deaf this isn't surprising but oh gods it leaves my ears ringing and requires the volume to either be turned off or drastically reduced for their use to become feasible.
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