Who thinks 1.3 and before were better?

1.3 or 1.4?

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There's obvious nostalgia in the good ol' days, but the new features we have now are objectively better in the grand scheme of things, not to mention the likely potential of crossplay coming in 1.4.5.
1.3 had better stardust guardian and better flails (fight me, I will use 1.3 sunfury and flower pow like the funny swing balls they are), but 1.4 and beyond has Nightglow and I love Nightglow.
Terraria is no longer the game it used to be. And nostalgia can sometimes long me to play the old versions for a while. (1.1 was a place where the diversity in the item pool was so small, almost every item felt relevant)

...that is, until I start missing out on all the QoL features and overall improvements that later versions have given and I don't want to go back to them at all.
anyone who honestly picks 1.3 over 1.4 needs to get themselves checked up.

it's not even a competition on which is better, 1.4 wins in every single possible way
I miss some stuff like pre EoW/BoC Meteorite and the old 1.2 Underworld but I wouldn’t give up 1.4.4 for it. I’d just play on my 3DS if I wanted it that badly

1.4 for system and equipment optimization is very good, for most of the ancient slag machine can still run, followed by optimization compared with 1.3, much better, again, I think the fun is better than 1.3, the playability is very good.
While it is fun to reminisce on what 1.1 through 1.3 were like, and I do admit playing a playthrough on the very 1st 1.0 version would be interesting. I really like what has gotten added into the game since 1.4. A lot of old weapons have gotten rebalanced or reworked to become really good for their tier, and there are features such as the Bestiary, Lava Fishing, Blood Moon Fishing, the new bosses, and Journey + Master Mode that I really love having in the game now. Not to mention other various QoL improvements such as Block Swap.

Any day I will always pick 1.4+ over 1.3 and earlier in the end.
Honestly, I think the reason that 1.3 is my preference is that when 1.4 rolled around, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my controller bindings were reverted to default, on top of there being tons of new stuff in the menu as well.
To be honest the QoL features brought in 1.4 singlehandedly cover all the drawbacks of exclusive content, although i will forever miss roman candle.
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