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PS4 WTB PwnHammer


Just gonna tell you the PWNhammer might only work on the guys world who gave you the pwnhammer... Thats what it is like in Mobile...

Sir Noah

Nope I have done it on multiple worlds before
[DOUBLEPOST=1417499994][/DOUBLEPOST]Do you want to sell me a hammer?


Empress of Light
Lenny, have you killed the WoF in the worlds you are trying to use someone else's pwn hammer on?
If you have not then it won't work and will just damage you


did you get your hammer yet? I have a number of them... also... any hardmode hammer will break the alters once WoF has been defeated in that world... so don't limit your search to only PWN Hammers.

Sir Noah

I literally just got it a half hour ago I was going to say that I got it tomorrow and that I didn't need one anymore
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