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Your Biggest Terraria Mistakes


Eye of Cthulhu
What is your biggest Terraria Mistake? Mine is letting my bro play split screen with me and not taking away his bombs... poor npcs


Playing in the underground and got a message that an evil presence was watching me. Didn't know what it meant, so EoC spawned on me while I was in a dark narrow underground passage. I had nowhere to evade, and it was over embarrassingly quickly.


Eye of Cthulhu
On mobile, I was fighting fishron. I was doing OK, I had got him down to around 3/4 health, hardly had lost any of mine. I accidentally walked into a tornado, as I had fought him before and didn't really know how to evade him. I went to click on a health potion, and I hit my magic mirror. He despawned.


Official Terrarian
Apparently I thought it would be smart to charge a blaster cannon while I was backed into a corner fighting Duke Fishron.


Not containing the Crimson until after Moon Lord.
I don't have a surface Jungle anymore, and the underground Jungle is beyond messed up.


I let a couple friends into my world to help me prepare for hardmode.

Let them go down into hell to help with the hellbridge.

One of them had a Possessed Hatchet and endgame gear, and was spamming the homing weapon in hell.

...let's just say that world wound up in hardmode earlier than I was expecting.

Shroomite Ranger

Dungeon Spirit
My biggest mistake would be leading The Destroyer into my village.Another would be unknowingly leading Plantera out of the jungle and only bringing a stack of bullets for a rapid chain gun during the Frost Moon.


I once made my destroyer box with my NPC tower onscreen. I am pretty Shure I only had the pirate and dryad left alive. My first moon lord arena was a heavily modified sky island, let me just say hello wyvern. dungeon guardian destroyed me when I first entered the dungeon. Never let your friend use your mobile device that has terraria on it, my main world was deleted along with most of my endgame items. The first time I fought the destroyer was on P.C. in 1.2.3, I used a platform arena over 12 deaths were had while experimenting.
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