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Other Art YouTube Thumbnail Design

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Alright. So welcome to my YouTube Thumbnail Design thread. I'm Myth, otherwise known as Mythril Guy and today I bring it upon myself to get the art of making thumbnails and make them better. I'm quite pleased with the way I make them know, but I am in no way comfortable with my skills of making them.

Now you are thinking this is a weird thing to start, making thumbnails for YouTube videos and all, but to me it's a way to increase my skills.

At the moment I use MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop CC. They are the most commonly used programs out there. For anyone that's wondering why I would use MS Paint, I use it to enlarge photos, whether or not that it doesn't use transparencies, because that's what Photoshop is for, and I also use it to paste screenshots. It's easier than booting up PS and having to start a new project, pasting the photo, and then saving. Paint all I have to do is open the program, click paste and save. Takes like 30 seconds where as in PS it takes about 1-2 minutes. Saves time.

Now I mainly use PS to make the thumbnails because of it's tools. I use the Image Adjustments and Gaussian Blur the most often with my thumbnails, along with Text and the Game Logo that's a picture I found on Google Images.

I'm here to widen my use of other tools provided in PS and you are here to provide me with the items to do so. I want to create thumbnails for your videos on YouTube, whether you chose to use them or not. I want to show you a few I have made in the past:

Terraria Prep 1.3.png maxresdefault.jpg mqdefault.jpg

The first two are similar because they are in the same series of videos, but the first photo is the newer one. The last photo is small, as I used Google Images to find my thumbnails and it only found a small version.

Leave feedback if you wish on any of my thumbnails that I have created since making this thread.

All requests will be taken in this format:

Resolution of Photo:

Please use this format to request a photo. Also, please do not post comments that are not requests or giving feedback to any fulfilled requests. Makes the thread less cluttered and more easy to view.
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