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  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
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Things that scare me:
Darthmorf, Aurora, or any other moderator.
The night mother coffin (Skyrim)
Strange sounds in the night.
Fighting Sans.
Saying hi to someone.
Miraak. (Skyrim)
So an admin is better than a moderator, so I assume a developer is better than that, meaning that the lead developer is the best. Wow.
If a moderator is like a police officer for a website then an admin is like the sheriff. Something along those lines.
Is it possible to become a moderator on here as of now?
Having gotten PC Terraria and having enjoyed it, I'm starting to worry about the common "load failed no backup found" and "backup files filling recycle bin" problems... :(
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Unit One
Unit One
Are you using cloud save? If so, I highly recommend saving some backups locally.
The True Destroyer
The True Destroyer
I don't use cloud. I did follow the procedures explained in "1.4 PSA backup your data" which should still hold. I'll just have to remember to save them after every session... but I've heard in some cases even a manually saved .wld file doesn't work when something goes bad. :confused:
Unit One
Unit One
Ah, good to know that you’re not using cloud save. I’ve seen others with something similar to your issue are using cloud save which is why I asked. I believe that it is a reported issue so the devs know about it. Keep making your manual copies just in case. :) Good luck.
But yet, it isn't near, it's here, right here. The apocalypse isn't an event, it's a process. It's looms over, announces its intentions, engulfs and swallows whole. When I'm gone, I won't mind. I've had my time, I've had fun. This is merely the end of what should never have started in the first place.
I don't want to end it all before time is due, there's a point when even having suicidal thoughts just becomes meaningless and not worth the effort. You see people walking around, thinking about things, about the future, uncertain, but unaware. All of them unaware. They can feel it coming, but it's just a presence, we've been told the end was near since we were kids, it's not like it's news.
You don't have dreams for the future anymore because there is no future, all which exists in your imagination is resized to fit this narrow space. I guess it doesn't even make me anxious. What matters if I have 1 decade, 1 year, 1 week? Nothing is that important to me anymore.
Y'know, if someone told you you had 1 year left to live, I guess a lot of people would just, well, view things differently. If you know you don't have much time left, your perspective changes, everything suddenly becomes so small, things that were once so important to you just become meaningless, you'll never finish college, you'll never marry them, you'll never go there. There's not enough time.
I’ve been working the same drawing for two weeks now and I’m almost done thank god.
I’ll post it in an art thread once I’m done. (my art isn’t that good just a heads up)
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