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    PC Im sorry, I had to bring this up about a specific bait.

    The entire concept of tiered baits feels like a set-up to that joke. I have no problem with that.
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    Underestimating Crates...

    Then we are in agreeance. I can enjoy fishing, but I can also see where other people may not. :)
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    Which do you find more disturbing: The Corruption or The Crimson?

    Probably the Crimson. It's hard to forget the first time I heard the Face Monster. The fleshy theme in general is actually pretty disturbing. Not the worst I have seen, but definitely worse than the Corruption for me. Edit: The Corruption reminds me of the Dark Agon Wastes from Metroid Prime...
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    What weapon is always in your inventory?

    The Slap Hand. If only I could find a Skeleton Merchant during a Blood Moon. @[email protected]
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    The most POWERFUL and OP melee sets!!!

    I would recommend keeping a pair of good wings on you, though. Maybe in a piggy bank or something. The Cosmic Car Key has unlimited flight, but less than perfect handling at times. Wings are still useful for tighter maneuvering, especially when you eventually have the Solar Flare set. You can't...
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    Underestimating Crates...

    That is odd. Based on my previous experiences with online forums, the game's own forums are less likely to have rabid fans and are more likely to have the people who felt strongly enough about a certain game mechanic they didn't like that they made an account and sought to complain about it...
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    The most POWERFUL and OP melee sets!!!

    The Frozen Turtle Shell is worth its time investment. 25% damage reduction below 50% health is really nice, especially since damage is ramped up so much with Expert Mode.
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Fishing no longer gives cool items. Instead, they drop from True Duke Fishron. True Duke Fishron has Moon Lords for fins, shoots IceQueennadoes, and is voiced by Mark Hamill. Also he shoots Rocket VI clusters every half a second. No, that wasn't a typo.
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    Underestimating Crates...

    It never works out well, yet the vast majority of people in this thread seem to enjoy it. Personal dislikes with Terraria's fishing are understandable, but you seem to be stating a lot of your feelings as hard facts. Personally, I feel like Terraria's fishing is more satisfying than Minecraft's...
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    MetaKnight's Endgame 1.3 Loadout

    Using a Celestial Stone and Shell isn't even slightly in the same league as spike cheesing. It is just a matter of customization or stat allocation. Do I want the bonuses from stacking Emblem accessories, or would the Master Ninja Gear's dashing and dodge chance help me more here? Do I want the...
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    MetaKnight's Endgame 1.3 Loadout

    Don't say that too loud, Xylia. That means people won't be able to use things like the Destroyer Emblem, Avenger Emblem, any of the Emblem components, the Fire Gauntlet, the Sniper Scope, or the Celestial Magnet in the same build. That would be really frustrating.
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    Does Melee have any real downside?

    So do mages. Lunar Flare, anyone? DPS does play a powerful role in the scheme of things, to be fair. It is no less relevant than damage mitigation.
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    Question about the Endgame Wings

    That is a good point. But even limited flight time can be easily overcome if you have good timing.
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    Question about the Endgame Wings

    It's odd that people would choose the Cosmic Car Key over wings. Mounts are nice for traveling and whatnot, but my attempts to incorporate them into combat tend to end with me shrugging and taking off with my wings again. It just feels like you have so much more maneuverability with your wings...
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    PC Terraria is Live!

    The only complaint I have ever had with the Moon Lord is the fact that it specifically targets and denies you the ability to use the Vampire Knives and the Spectre Hood. Not really out of any personal need for it -- I've been wiping the floor with the Moon Lord enough without it (And just beat...
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