I'm the old man who suggested an Axe Chakram, inspiring Red to add the Axearang.

I play Terraria on Mobile, I have all the achievements as of 1.4.4, I've gotten all of the rare items in the game, and I beat the game A LOT of times, in many, MANY different ways.

I have 2 Scratch accounts.
My first Scratch account is LexaayKirby92.
My 2nd Scratch account is known as Green_Metaknight.

My Gigga io name is No u, and I'm SUPER GOOD AT 2DOM.
And once, I got to level 50 on Free For All without upgrading in any way!

And I'm also a certified Forum Wizard; I have completely mastered the art of URL editing.

Also, I managed to make it so there are 2 Supreme Spinners. (People who did post 360000 on TLPW)
Also, I made it so there are 3 Thousand Year posters, including myself.

Check my signature for more info.
Oct 15, 2009 (Age: 14)
Tree or Axe?
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
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Copy this into your signature if you believe that Jesus died for our sins and resurrected on the third day.

And copy this into your signature if you want the conversation post limit to be lifted.
243281 somehow found the hidden message in my banner less than an hour after I hid it.
Nikola Tesla Smith (The Space between Time) [#33EE33]
Nikola Tesla Smith (Future) [Solitarus] {#44EE44}
World Blighter (Good Vs. Bad) [#205020]
I have a bunch of RP characters in Generic Adventures of the Main Protagonists.
Sunny Sun (He still hasn't been turned in to the feds) [#eeee00]
Aeternus (#CCCC00)
Conan Ironwound (#808080)

He used to be an angel, and he was nice, but he disobeyed just enough that he had to be banished.
But since he was so polite and cool, he wasn't banished as far as demons are banished. He was banished... to Earth.
But on Earth, whenever he encountered an angel, he would be mistook for one of the other demons,
and whenever he encountered a demon he was mistook for an angel.
So he tried to think of somewhere else to go... peoples' minds? No, that would be rude. The internet? Now that's an idea...

He looks like a knight wearing grey armor, #808080 to be precise.
And he has a flaming sword, but the fire is Earthfire.
He also has wings made of Earthfire.
And he also has some fire powers; he especially likes to make fire tornadoes. But not just any fire tornadoes, Earthfire tornadoes.
Holy fire is fire from heaven, hellfire is fire from hell, but Earthfire is the pinnacle of the awesomeness of Earth's fire.
So Earthfire is made of liquid propane, but on fire.
It can also be made of hand sanitizer though, if he wants the fire to be invisible.
Benjamin Ironwound (bold, italics, underline, and strike-through)
Undead Miner (90A080)
Ujiguadjil the Dominastroyer (42ee42)
Thomas Elvis Clue, AKA the Spiritslayer (#157515)
Corman (#ff5050)
Norman (#6d63f6)
EMERL (Terraria RP)
Hypothetical Man
I have a TON of RP characters in Broken Gotham, here's the link: Broken Gotham
-> Suspicious / Amogus sus
-> Dying of laughter / Facepalm
-> Magical
-> Usually used on posts talking about boulders, but I've also used this to mean "I drop a boulder on this post, it makes me so mad."
-> N/A; I don't use this reaction.
-> I sometimes use this on posts talking about team Axe, but I also sometimes use it to say "I chop this post with an axe, it makes me so mad."



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