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Recent content by Syrinx Vibes

  1. Syrinx Vibes

    More Variety in Slime Banners (And Other Such Creatures)

    I support this, but like mentioned already, out inventories would get pretty flooded with banners relatively quick.
  2. Syrinx Vibes

    Hell Blazing Molten Armor - Texture Minipack

    This is quite nice.
  3. Syrinx Vibes

    Hardmode Vs Pre-Hardmode

    Pre-Hardmode, especially back in 2011. The feel of not knowing anything about the game and it's potential was nice. Learning all of the mechanics from scratch is wonderful when you're doing it on such a fantastic game. Boy was I in for one hell of an adventure!
  4. Syrinx Vibes

    What is lacking?

    I strongly support the idea of a new and improved Desert biome.
  5. Syrinx Vibes

    Official Terraria Now Available on GOG!

    Wow, this is awesome! I had always imagined Terraria was already on GOG for some reason.
  6. Syrinx Vibes

    Member-Run Project Garden of Eden Creation Kit. A server by Jewsus

    Woah! I must definitely check this out when I have time!
  7. Syrinx Vibes

    Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

    Welp... now isn't that something. :o
  8. Syrinx Vibes

    Casual Pet Peeves

    Weed. No, i'm serious. The fact that people make it a lifestyle and can't hold a conversation that doesn't involve weed, really bothers me. Kids nowadays seem to think that they're somehow better than everyone else because they smoke.
  9. Syrinx Vibes

    HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

    Wow this thread is off the charts! Anyways, hello HERO! It's nice to see you on these forums. I hope all is well.
  10. Syrinx Vibes

    New crystal biome

    I really like the image in my head for this. Aren't the crystals a bit overpriced though?
  11. Syrinx Vibes

    Forum Ideas

    If I am not mistaken, a mini-tutorial can be viewed at: https://terraria.org/about It's a very simplistic overview of what to do on Terraria! I think it's quite neat. Also, at the main-site there is a direct tab(link) to the Wiki! While avoiding favoritism, the new TCF has a place for...
  12. Syrinx Vibes

    The (better) Desert

    I really, really like the idea of a "sunburn" debuff and think it should be added in the game immediately! With the only tweak of lessening the brightness from as exaggerated as you stated it, and making the debuff appear anywhere in the desert, so long as you haven't some source of water.
  13. Syrinx Vibes

    Fallout is life. <3

    Fallout is life. <3
  14. Syrinx Vibes

    So where is the better place to post suggestions now?

    Although this is easy for me to say, since I never really delved into TO too much, we should really put these forums on a pedestal and any new content should be posted here. This is as official as it gets. Though, nothing is wrong with revisiting TO.
  15. Syrinx Vibes

    Should terraria have a lore?

    I think we should just create our own lore pertaining to each individual playthrough. That is how it was initially designed to be, anyway. I always have fun doing it, since i'm a lore-kinda-guy.
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