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Recent content by Trop

  1. Trop

    What if terraria had another collaboration event with another game?

    Terraria and FFXIV. Obtain spell books that you can summon carbuncles with.
  2. Trop

    How many of you people play expert mode Terraria?

    Always, unless I'm doing a summoner playthrough, Normal mode is pretty easy for most classes.
  3. Trop

    What is the hardest fight that you’ve ever fought?

    The second phase of plantera can get pretty hairy at times. Though Duke Fishron is also pretty challenging.
  4. Trop

    PC The hook challenge

    God forbid you accidentally hook yourself to a platform. Then again, you can just mine it to free yourself.
  5. Trop

    Least favorite enemies

    Wanted to make a more fleshed out posted then just "Bats". And I suppose, though I really don't run into those two enough. Though either Hellbats or Illuminaut Bats have to be my leave favorites out of the bunch.
  6. Trop

    Least favorite enemies

    These things can go extinct for all I care. These are pretty damn annoying. Yeah, these guys too. These little turds spawn endlessly whenever I make my WoF tracks/bridges. Why?! A word meaning "Bad", "Annoying" and "Cancerous" can only describe these things.
  7. Trop

    Shell Hammer (an additional use for turtle shells)

    Support! I've always been a fan of hammers as weapons. I also feel the turtle shells need more uses. Turtle Flail pls.
  8. Trop

    Member-Run Contest Spirit Mod - Weekly Spriting Challenge!

    I'll bite, I made two Trophies because I was pretty indecisive on what I wanted to do. anyways, here they are. His front horn His helmet Perhaps I'll do more tomorrow, this is pretty fun.
  9. Trop

    What do you play as?

    Depends, I'm doing modded playthroughs as the different classes, but my favorites have to be either Warrior(Tanky) or Magic(tons of different weapons)
  10. Trop

    Items you wish had an upgraded version?

    An upgraded version of the Flower Pow.
  11. Trop

    Summoner Weapon Modifier Overhaul

    Neat suggestion, I'd like a "attack speed" modifier, especially for sentry-style summons. A duration modifier for sentry minions would also be appreciated.
  12. Trop

    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

    So I killed a Colossal Wall of Flesh, thought this was amusing. :u
  13. Trop

    tModLoader Neal & Boffin's Mods

    Hello! I'm a big fan of the Jmelee mod. I was wondering if there's a wiki/list of all the uncraftable Flails(Item Browser shows all craftable ones). Also I feel like you should blacklist the String Shot's slow effect on bosses, it makes boss battles pretty easy. Anyways, great job on the mod...
  14. Trop

    PC Summoner Support (Weapons and Armor)

    Alright, fair enough, also sorry for the... week delay, I went back and updated this post, tweaked values and added in minion sprites.
  15. Trop


    For the love of all things good, can we please get a terraria equivalent to AE2? I'd pay someone to make it so I can access all my chests in one UI(with a search bar). Anyways, I've always loved hoppers, support! They added a way to move items, but not pick them up. Also, a way to filter...
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