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PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

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Good day Terrarians,

In celebration of Terraria's 5th birthday we are pleased to announce the release date for 1.3.1, an update for PC that focuses on wiring mechanics and controller support.

Thank you for your ongoing support, these last 5 years have been a blast!
Awesome! I'm assuming we'll get a list of the details closer to D-Day...
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you guys could just release it now, ik that your wanting people to hype and etc, but imagine the reactions if you released it today, and surprised everyone *wink *wink *nudge *nudge


Official Terrarian
Anyone know what time zone this will be? Unfortunately here in NZ I'm gonna be a day ahead which means work and night shift means no Terraria for me by the looks (sad face)


Duke Fishron
I know, I'm extremely excited. Personally, I'd love it if I could make my own actual dungeon with monsters that spawn in it, but whenever a player sees an enemy statue, they already know something will be spawning there. It ruins the surprise. Also, you can't place hidden teleports, because the teleports glow, revealing their position. I haven't found a way around that yet.
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