PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

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I am super excited for this update! Thanks guys!
Will there be a specific time the update is pushed? I'm in the UK and there's people from all around the world on the forums but is there a set time I need to be on steam for the update to launch and make it fair for everyone? :)
Heh. Yeah. Pretty sure everyone's seen this already.


So totally doing this.
Happy Birthday, Terraria! In the last several months this game has brought me so much joy. Thank you for all your hard work.

I'm normally a lurker but I made an account both to say the above and to ask if anyone knows when Mac will be getting this update, or if they're simultaneously released? And if they're not, would I (PC) still be able to play on a game hosted by my friend (mac) after the update or would they be incompatible?

(aaaand, if it can be answered, does anyone know if the El Capitan steam issue will be fixed when the Mac update comes? My friend can host, but after updating to El Capitan they can't pop over to my worlds anymore.)

Thank you again. Terraria's helped me through some of the hardest months of my life, and has given me a lot of good times with friends. And with this update, more of my friends will be able to play thanks to controller support. :happy:
First of all: Wow, five years! Happy birthday Terraria! Second of all: How do you have time to make THIS when Amazon is yet to have an update?
That's fine and all. But on May 22nd will we get an updated gif of this guy reaching the treasure chest?

Please don't let him walk in a loop for eternity :dryadcry:

Well, the image didn't used to bother me. Key word: used.

Now I'm genuinely upset while watching it.
Has it really been 5 years? That's pretty great. Being with Terraria since almost the beginning was fun. To see how it changed over the years is pretty cool too.

Judging by the picture it looks like you can make a sand rollercoaster.
First of all: Wow, five years! Happy birthday Terraria! Second of all: How do you have time to make THIS when Amazon is yet to have an update?

We do not directly develop the mobile or console ports. That would be CodeGlue and Engine respectively.

That both allows us to keep on providing things upstream that can flow eventually downstream....plus, we don't really have mobile expertise in-house to the extent that we could code it on mobile if we wanted to.

That's how. ;)
Happy Birthday Terraria! A great 5 years! even though i have only played the game for around 3 years I still learn new things daily! Love the game and can't wait to start playing 1.3 finally with my Xbox controller :D! I know it might take the novelty of using the mouse and keyboard but i prefer controllers and this is the update i have waited for, for a long time!

Thanks so much, keep up the good work!

1.3.1 -_-
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