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Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API


What? This is just 40 mods, that is not too much, even more so cuz more than half of it are just clines or server mods, they not rly give to much to the game so.. most of the mods are not rly big mods the only bigish mod there is the Spookey Terraria mod.

Maybe you know how to remove the 4 GB limit?



Maybe someone knows how to remove the 4 GB limit?
I have 16GB RAM memory, and in early versions TML i don't have this problem...
When i'm in the main menu and I go to the mods, mod sources or the mod browser, clicking anything else in there brings me back into the main menu. I can enter the game, though most of the time it doesn't work when I press escape to enter my inventory. And if I click anything in the inventory it exits it

Edit, 07/12/2020: I have found a solution, if you are having this problem too rename the "ModLoader" folder in My Documents / My Games / Terraria to "ModLoaderOld"
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i can't btcfuse it says that im banned and cant see the server or even server users
Oh, and what did you do to be banned?
i dont know
How can I help you, then?
ask who banned me and why
Yes, but where?
Guys, please take this discussion somewhere else besides this thread.
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