1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

Then why did you post that in player suggestions yesterday?
in the dungeon not dungeon guardian spawn even tho i did not defeat skeletron and i got the rod of discord first try
At first I expected it to be obtainable elsewhere. Like how they swapped how you obtain the aqua scepter and bubble gun. I was hoping the clentaminator would be dropped or obtained somewhere later in progress. Like from Empress of Light or The Cultist. But having it not available at all is just so odd to me. I agree that the surface should not be easily fixed early in to hardmode. But in the current circumstances there is no fighting back against the world evil that seeps from the surface all the way down. (And from the sides)
Seems that this feature is also inherited into everything seed, pretty weird that something is not available in "everything"
Seems that this feature is also inherited into everything seed, pretty weird that something is not available in "everything"
I'm totally fine with just going against my normal rules and going to another world to get a clentaminator+ solution
Alright... Many features of this update are extremely helpful for map makers *cough*and skyblock*cough.
- Combined Angler accessory dupe reward prevention.
Halle-freakin-luyah. This alone fixes the fishing grind.
- Adjusted unintuitive spawning conditions of Dungeon and Underground desert wall placement in relation to the spawn block.
That'd be nice either way, but unless I'm reading it wrong this wasn't done. There's no change from before. Dungeon still requires wall above the spawn block and underground desert still requires wall behind the spawn block. I just thoroughly tested it to be sure.
- Stinkbugs.... those buggers did seem a bit rare.
- Sandstone and Hardened Sand recipes
This change is massive for skyblock. With this and prior 1.4.4 desert spawn rule changes so a 50 column of wall are no longer needed per spawn block, if you can get a single piece of sand and some vile powder, you have infinite sand and dessert/underground desert access. I might gripe that it broke my map progression, but this time it's because this is a nice feature that lets me take things out of my maps, which is the goal.
- Sandstorm, carpet <-> Pharoah set, lava charm <-> Magma Stone.
It's nice to see things work in both directions.
- Starting copper tools break down to 1 ore and 1 wood (just 1 ore for the shortsword) instead of not being decraftable)
- Silver/Tungsten Bullets give 1 ore when decrafted instead of a bar
The first change was specifically because I complained so loudly. (I'm sorry for that). It seems "lame" and doesn't help my add much for blocks to the map, but that bit of resources you can get from buying those tools changes things significantly. The change to silver bullets would have been just banned from being shimmered before, but now you can actually get something back for your troubles. I'm very greatful for the new mentality of finding balance with the shimmer.
- Ice Golems, Angry Nimbi, and Rainbow Slimes wouldn't spawn reliably on Remix
deja vu. I remember reporting this was a bug back in 1.2.something. The code for hardmode rain mobs must be especially obscure.
- Fixed IPv6.... I need to test this. I'm currently forced to use a tunnel service to host Terraria because my ISP refuses to sell me an IPv4 address.
- More faelings... Guess I can troll people with faeling confetti now.
- buffer zone at world edge preventing biome spread to pass outside the playable map area.
This is a very VERY good change. This issue has haunted people with ocean stuff forever. I was terrified it would break the hardmode detection circuit I have in another map (it's outside the world border and relies on corruption spread to cause a block update). However, either they didn't make this change at the top edge of the world, or they did it the RIGHT way and only put a blocker to biome spread right at the border rather than disabling biome spread entirely outside the margins. I wonder how the clentaminator works with this...

Tons more fixes around all that. I only brought up highlights worth commenting on. A commendable hotfix that actually fixes a bunch of stuff... Hopefully the spawning things I tested are the only ones not implemented.
- Fixed IPv6.... I need to test this. I'm currently forced to use a tunnel service to host Terraria because my ISP refuses to sell me an IPv4 address.
Possibly related bug report: PC - IPv6 Support?

I'm not entirely sure what did that fix do. Seems like DNS records with both A and AAAA records now work for connecting to servers, but I am still unable to make terraria listen on IPv6. All google results seem to indicate ipv6 is not supported.
For a while the wiki claimed that you couldn't get Terraprisma on a Remix world. You can. It's just that instead of being time based, it's location based. The Empress of Light will be enraged if fought on the Surface. If you fight her solely on the surface, she'll drop it.
This is proving the most time consuming thing in all of Terraria. I have Zenith. I have the Shell Phone. Etc. Etc.
I have just one Honey Bucket - no Honey Sponge - to show for maybe 350 angler quests complete and another 200 ignored because they weren't the Bumblebee quest.
A bit ridiculous.
Even with Sundial, Moondial and bed, it's taking several real-time days of semi-AFK waiting.
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