Official 2015 Official Terraria Calendar now Available!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Good day Terrarians!
    Re-Logic is happy to announce that the Terraria 2015 calendar is now available on Amazon! Thank you Suweeka for your amazing art!


    Quick feedback: For 2016 would you like to see high res, pixelated, or both?
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  2. vito_scaletta

    vito_scaletta Eye of Cthulhu

    very nice :)
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  3. Jay Is Gay

    Jay Is Gay Golem

    Awesome! :happy:
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  4. Awesomecj889

    Awesomecj889 Steampunker

    Oh my god I need this its awesome
  5. Longarmx

    Longarmx Terrarian

    This artwork is great!
  6. Buckybomb

    Buckybomb Terrarian

    Cool, cool. (Is it just me, or does does o look bigger than the lower cased c? co) Anyways, I would definately buy this if I had teh moneys.
  7. Steveswordsmen

    Steveswordsmen Terrarian

    Amazing. :happy:
  8. N1NJ4M4573Rftw

    N1NJ4M4573Rftw Plantera

    Beautifull :happy:
  9. Janeki

    Janeki Spazmatism

    Great Job Suweeka!! :3 I currently have this as my desktop wallpaper XD
  10. Ndlish

    Ndlish Eye of Cthulhu

    First of all ERMAHGERSH!!! I want that calendar (I need moneys) , second of all, it said to give feedback, so both types...
  11. Syrinx Vibes

    Syrinx Vibes Terrarian

    Very nice! I think we'd all enjoy both high-res and pixelated!
  12. PaperPetrolium

    PaperPetrolium Terrarian

  13. Roxoz

    Roxoz Terrarian

    Hey, I love the calendar, but since I'm from Europe it's sooo expensive for me to get it sent all the way over here. Is there any possibility it could be sold from the UK amazon?
  14. Y2Jerichoholic9

    Y2Jerichoholic9 Terrarian

    For 2016 i want to see both.:)
  15. NooblordDennis

    NooblordDennis Headless Horseman

  16. xFireW0LFx

    xFireW0LFx Terrarian

    Wow this art is amazing, good job
  17. Glon-X

    Glon-X Terrarian

    great job mate:eek:
  18. darthsaber89

    darthsaber89 Terrarian

    i definitly wanna see a mix of pixel and hi rez
  19. Collendron

    Collendron Terrarian

    nice...very nicee
  20. Juschlan

    Juschlan Terrarian

    Turtle Armor has spikes? Great art though :D

    btw: I like the Smileys :redspin::joy: