A Terrarian Wedding Celebration!


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As many of you know, Redigit and Cenx tied the knot yesterday, and move forward as the formidable husband and wife team behind all that is Terraria and Re-Logic! As a way to say congratulations and as a momento of the occasion, a couple of our beta testers (they can reveal who they are if they want) put together a little in game scene.

So, let's take a minute out of our day to celebrate the joining of two amazing people and to appreciate all that they have done, do, and will do for Terrarians everywhere! Feel free to share your favorite Red & Cenx stories here in this thread - or just leave a congratulatory message for the happy couple! :joy:


Cheers to you both, and wishing you happiness for this and many years to come!

~Your Re-Logic Team, Beta Testers, and TCF Staff
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Congratulations! That's amazing news ;D

It's weird to think that a couple years ago Terraria seemed finished at the 1.1 update(?) but since then the game has progressed further than I could have ever imagined. It's by far the best value for money game I have ever played (and one of the most fun too) so thankyou so much for that and I hope the game can continue to progress to new and unprecedented levels

Thankyou to the Terraria team and huge congratulations:)
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So happy for the two of you. It's been a long time coming I suppose, but now that the bond has been tightened to its greatest extent, that brings joy to my heart.

I give the best to both of your futures together as a couple!
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