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PC A wild Eevee appeared~!


I've been playing Terraria with my brother for just over a year now and was too lazy to make an account here until now so hello fellow terrarians~! 8D I hope we go on many awesome adventures together preferably on the moon!



Staff member
Your second one is from Minesweeper. Not sure what that means but I'll go with it.

Welcome to the forums! No evolving on the premises but apart from that you'll be alright, I wager.


I have a feeling that after those three welcoming you, an inverted bucket of water welcoming you would probably be considered normal, but welcome anyways.


Welcome to the forums. Technically, you don't have to talk about Terraria - there are many people who just talk about other things in general.

But nonetheless, I (and we) hope you enjoy your stay.


Yaaay I didn't even try to see about changing my font color thank you for having the wonderful magentaness~~~ It had slipped my mind completely! :happy:
I am sure the other Pokemon on here welcome you.

I certainly do! (Is actually a Zoroark).

(In replay to your post)
You know what they say? Better nate than lever... I think I got something wrong there.
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