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tModLoader Antiaris

Discussion in 'Released' started by zadum4ivii, Jul 15, 2017.


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  1. CoronaKing

    CoronaKing Steampunker

    This one took me a while to do, as well. Are you trying to get the drops from the Creepers? They aren't what drop them, if you have a life form analyzer, you will see baby spiders/eggs as rare enemies showing up. The babies are what drop the quest item, with a 100% drop rate, they can just be rare to spawn, and even harder to find/kill as they can spawn outside of the spider biome, and aren't easy to see.


    zadum4ivii this brings up a little idea, could these baby spiders/eggs always spawn where there is spider background wall? Might not be a terrible idea, kind of like the Webbed Stylist always will. Whenever I got this quest it would actually take me two tries, I never was able to get all 12 quest items in one in game day, although my spider biomes were pretty small
  2. Jant

    Jant Terrarian

    I just tried the kill 5 giant birds on the sky island quest and I could not get it to work either. Of course I assumed they were referring to the harpy. Let me guess, it's not supposed to be harpys is it? :) I even tried it with all mods disabled except for magic storage. I can not imagine playing without magic storage so if that mod is causing the issue then I guess I can't do quests. There is no way I am going back to sorting and searching through countless chests.

    For the spiders, I never saw the baby ones. Perhaps I will need to search more but with the way my luck is going with these quests I do not have much hope.

    I was however able to complete the slime quest, the ocean fishing quest, the coconut quest, and the craft a scarf quest.
  3. CoronaKing

    CoronaKing Steampunker

    Magic Storage isn't the issue, I use that as well. The target for the Giant Birds are NOT Harpies, but a rare enough spawn that it may take you almost a full in game day to get enough to spawn to finish the quest. I think you might be impatient on this. These quests all easily take up to a full in game day, to having it take getting the quest multiple times to get enough of the items needed to complete them. I have had zero issues with completing any of them, minus the Demon Wings (which I just haven't attempted), or the Slime quest (I have yet to have the NPC give me this one). I can assure you, these quests work. They can just take a VERY long time to complete, with rare spawns, and low drops.
  4. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Terrarian

    In my run, the bound pirate and the adventurer I rescued died and won't respawn, I've checked every house and i have four rooms that are valid. Is this a known problem or a new one?
  5. CoronaKing

    CoronaKing Steampunker

    After you complete his quest, I believe he is meant to vanish for good. Did you finish his quest, your reward is enough materials to create one, and only one of his weapons. Also, did you check all his barrels and crates? They are worth checking!
  6. Jant

    Jant Terrarian

    I am putting off fighting the Wall of Flesh and switching to hardmode. I am hoping to use the same character and start a new world once Antiaris updates with hardmode content. I have done pretty much everything pre-hardmode except finish these adventurer quests so I am spending entire game days attempting these.

    I go to the adventurer NPC usually at 4:30AM (game time) to start these quests. I have the flying antlion mount so after talking to the NPC at 4:30AM to get the flying island quest, I immediately fly up to the sky island which may take me till about 5-5:30AM. I spend the whole day fighting whatever spawns which is mostly just harpies. I go back to the NPC around 3:30-4:00AM and he tells me I have killed 0 out of 5. I have attempted this quest for a full day at least twice. I would understand if I am not quite getting to 5 but to get 0 out of 5 is telling me that there is an issue especially combined with the fact that I am getting 0 drops on several other quests as well.

    It means that either:
    - I am hunting in the wrong place
    - These spawns are way too rare
    - They only spawn in hardmode/expert mode
    - There is a bug in the mod
    - There is a conflict with another mod
    - An issue with multi player
    - There is an issue with my installation
    - Some other issue that I have not thought of

    I am bringing this up, not because I'm mad or frustrated, I just want to know if I am doing these correctly and if so I want to get the issue fixed. I like where this mod is going and I expect there to be issues during development. (this issue could be something on my end as well) I just want to get it to work properly.
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  7. CoronaKing

    CoronaKing Steampunker

    Yeah, then really I have no idea on why your installation seems to have this issue. Hope it works itself out at some point.
  8. Jant

    Jant Terrarian


    Are you playing multi player or single player? Also, are you playing on expert mode?

    Edit: Never mind. I just loaded up my world in single player and they showed up right away with markers on them no less. I must have done the slime quest on my initial test before I started multi player. I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. There is an issue with these quests in multi-player.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  9. Ryu

    Ryu Terrarian

    The time required to acomplish the adventurer quest is not a bad thing if used correctly. A good idea is to make quests that are fast to finish with lower rank rewards and other quests that require a litle more time, like days(ingame days), to finish but gives very strong itens. Ex: beat 10 slimes and gain a wood sword, or beat 30 EoC and gain a night's edge.
    That can be very usefull to extend the adventurer's ''lifespan'' and may be well acclaimed to hardcore players.

    If the player don't want to do these quests but still wants these itens, a good idea is to make a way of getting them much later in the game, or something like that. The important part is to makes doing the hard quests worth.
    Thats my oppnion.

    And at last: If Zadum consider the suggestion above, it would be good if the normal and hard quests have its own button, to make players that want only normal dificulty quests avoid completely the hard ones, this probably will solve most of the problem.
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  10. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Spider Eggs are already spawning in Spider Nests (Or how they're called).

    You need to kill Bird-Travellers. Quests Mobs are marked with a special icon above them.

    Yeah, I've found this problem too when was testing the mod. But still, thanks for reporting :)

    I'll consider this.
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  11. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    For next version we've fixed Adventurer not respawning & Pirate now no longer takes damage (Which prevents him from dying).
  12. Jant

    Jant Terrarian

    I figured that out with CoronaKing's help. The problem is that they are not spawning at all for me in multiplayer. It worked when I tried on single player.
  13. raymx20

    raymx20 Terrarian

    right now im just waiting, but im sure the hardmode content will be as amazing as the pre HM content!
    but still, i'm really bored, managed to kill the moonlord with shroomite claw thingy
  14. Wyvernarian

    Wyvernarian Skeletron Prime

    Hope the Antlion Queen AI will get some polish. Besides that I enjoy this mod
  15. TheGameBoy3000

    TheGameBoy3000 Terrarian

    im so excited about the new boss :)
  16. Tyfyter

    Tyfyter Skeletron Prime

    the heat blaster page on the wiki seems to have been vandalized.
  17. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    I wonder what is this spooky tower?..
  18. PhoeniX Darkcraft8 SPQR

    PhoeniX Darkcraft8 SPQR Skeletron Prime

    new generated structure ?
  19. Xaritscin

    Xaritscin Terrarian

    will there be a Corruption version?
  20. mikhail kerman

    mikhail kerman Terrarian

    HI guys,
    I would like to help sustain the wiki in english/russian if you provide the info.
    Hope you hear)))

    Also I could make sprites for you guys))

    Also I coldn't find any harpies, and I know lots of people have this problem... Any ideas?

    Love your mod btw!
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018