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Casual Are we alone? Maybe. Maybe not.

Are we alone?

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actually, I believe in both! I think the Big Bang happened, which created God and the universe, then god made
Earth. Then he went to make other planets, then the inhabitable ones gave way for the first life, including
bacteria on Earth.
I don't see how you can logically believe both. For a being to be God, it must exist outside the limits of time, and therefor cannot be "created". I think God caused the "Big Bang", as it where, and from that created the universe as we see it... bacteria, animals, plants, man in His own image... everything. It's the only logical solution I have found to answer this question.


If we have alien visitors, then they are really close to us. If they come, they don't want us to detect them because they already know what inferior minds will do about it. They will also be wary of military action especially if they wish to be peaceful.

You don't just go hang out with a bunch of lions. You watch them but that's about it.
This ^^^^^^^^

Without a doubt there is other life out there, but of course if they are more advanced than us then they will simply observe and learn from us everything they can. If they wanted something from us [resources] they could simply wipe us out if they wanted to, they could do it without us even knowing (biological warfare).

Will we see aliens in our lifetime, I am guessing no, but in the next 1000 years, I guess there is a possibility - especially at the rate science and technology is progressing.

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Empress of Light
I think its incredibly unlikely, if not impossible, that Earth is the only planet in the entire universe capable of supporting life. Whether there's single celled microbes or an incredibly advanced race, something is out there, somewhere...


Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
It's almost impossible that there isn't life out there somewhere. However, the chances of us ever finding, let alone contacting them, are probably just as slim as them not being there at all, I'd say.

Supposing that there is life out there, chances are that most of it wouldn't be intelligent. Humans, out of huge amount of different kinds of organisms on Earth, are the only intelligent species on the planet. On a different planet, chances are that only a few species would have evolved like we did.

Assuming that there is intelligent life, their appearance would most likely be similar to humans. Humanity's strength is our intelligence, which we evolved to make up for being pretty much inferior physically. Aliens wouldn't need to evolve to be smarter if they were capable to keep up physically, and given that the requirements of life are fairly specific, our intelligent alien race would probably have an evolutionary history similar to us.

That's what I think, at least.


Life absolutely lives elsewhere. The universe is so large that it's a bit insane to think that there's nobody else out there. Though, I don't think that people were actually abducted by aliens or look anything like humans. If they did, humanity would be gone by now. The Europeans settled America, and the Native Americans didn't have long to fight, did they? I feel like if they came to Earth, then it would end as quickly.
I believe in aliens.
But they aren't green with six eyes on stalks and fat and podgy.
In fact, I'd assume they would be similar to us for reasons detailed previously.


I believe that they are, and they are much more evolved than us. The universe has existed for 14.6 Billion Years, and humans for about 20 million. Think about it. Chances are they are smaller than us, don't require oxygen (Specifically), and have colonized millions of planets. Hopefully they never find us, but they may. I believe that many have already gone extinct, or maybe even humans are mutated aliens.


AFAIK we've only been around for 200.000-ish years. And for 6000 or so we've supposedly been civilized...
Astrolopithicus (First human evolution) is about 7 million years old, Homo Sapiens about 200,000 years ago, and Homo Sapien Sapiens about 6,000.


Official Terrarian
Alien ufos+a weird transmission from over 100 light years away=Aliens.Lets hope they are friendly


"We are either alone, or not alone. Both are equally terrifying."
-Some guy who's name I forgot.

Aliens. Short. 2 arms and legs. Big head. Grey skin. Large black eyes. This nerd doesn't imagine them like that.
But, to the point, it's a common stereotypes that it's comfirmed that we are alone. Most scientists think quite the opposite,
really. I think there is life out there. I don't believe in the abductions, and I think they don't look like you or me.So,
this thread is for discussing the possibility of alien life and ideas on how they may look like, behave and survive.
Well Nasa recently discovered a planet in the exact distance away from a sun as we are and with seemingly enough conditions to support live so I highly doubt that we are alone in this universe


The Destroyer
Well Nasa recently discovered a planet in the exact distance away from a sun as we are and with seemingly enough conditions to support live so I highly doubt that we are alone in this universe
Now I'm waiting for Nega-Humans that walk on handfeet and manipulate things with feethands while handfeet walking everywhere.
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