Ask me and my "Player Wannabe" and Psychotic Pacifist OCs anything

When was the last time you rode a bike?
Probably over a decade ago. I don't live far from town, but the roads to town are hilly and it's still just far enough that it I wouldn't think about trying even if it was flat.

Do you know how many trainers have bikes and use them all the time? A better question is when was that last time I didn't ride a bike?

What's a bike?
What's your favorite butterfly (or butterflies) from Terraria?
Here's the wiki page for reference:
What's your favorite butterfly (or butterflies) from Terraria?
Here's the wiki page for reference:
Purple Emperor because purple is my favorite color.

I also like the Tree Nymph Butterfly because it's hard to tell the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly and Tree Nymph Butterfly apart and it's a nice surprise when you end up catching a rare butterfly instead of a common one.

The Monarch Butterfly is pretty and something about it seem like it'd be a Bug/Poison Pokemon.
(Note: Monarch Butterflies are poisonous.)

I don't see butterflies much because I go to sleep after sunrise. I see the Hell Butterfly the most and seeing them is a good warning that I'm getting too close to hell.
what do you think about anthro animals being called furries by small brainless children (its only a furry if its actually some person in a suit)
My cousin liked to start arguments in the air force by asking at what point something's a furry. (The general opinion is it need to be more than just ears and a tail.)

My answer depends on if it's in a setting where the term for anthro animal is a furry and if it's an actual child calling them that or just some really immature guy on the internet that hates anything even remotely resembling furries. If it's a guy that hates furries, roll your eyes.

I like to fight petty with petty. If someone like that was bothering me, I'd challenge them to a "battle" and wouldn't use any moves that affect their Pokemon. I know it sounds like I'm trapping myself with them, but I know how to multitask, adapt my schedule, and have fun doing nothing. I like seeing if they feel outrage, relief, or despair when their Pokemon finally use Struggle.

So. Annoying. Furries like to pretend to be animals. I am an animal. Big difference!
And yet, your tail wags like crazy when someone's petting you and asking, "Who's a good furry?"
It's going to be you if you don't shut up.
whats your reaction to this drawing
whats your reaction to this drawing View attachment 470369

Indifferent. Nice drawing if it's yours. (I know I'm probably missing something. Judging by how wide the hips are, I'm missing almost everything...)

What? *checks Pokedex for anything that looks even remotely like that*

Why won't furries let me bite them so they can stop pretending?
yes i drew that (the live reaction in the corner is basically clowning on the kids i was talking about in my previous comment)
When was the last time you ate an apple or other apple-based product? Did it taste good?
Apple sauce and it was probably a few weeks ago.

I usually feed them to Appletun. They're just worse versions of Leppa Berries to me and he loves apples so much he literally became part apple.

Apparently Apple Pies count. Is it just a name or do they have apples? I don't know how the glowing bats can get apples, but I had an Apple Pie from a bat last Tuesday.
i cant explain why but im always fascinated by these places where ppl roleplay as their own ocs and interact with other users maybe im just a nerd 🤓🤓🤓
have you ever watched the amazing digital circus by glitch productions on youtube

I mostly watch funny Pokemon videos... and record them. What my Pokemon do while they wait for their turn to stall opponents would pay my bills if being a trainer didn't already pay them... and if I was old enough to pay bills...

What's Youtube?

<To Hunter> My guess is that they stole them off of a chef or something. You do know that people can make apple pies, right? ;)
How? I've seen Apples but no one knows how to make pie with them.

i cant explain why but im always fascinated by these places where ppl roleplay as their own ocs and interact with other users maybe im just a nerd 🤓🤓🤓
Probably, but I'm a nerd too.
what do the think are the main costs and benefits of lycanthropy
Depends on if it's the classical forced transformation during the full moon kind. I see no upsides into turning into a feral monster every month... except being able to blame it for campaign signs getting torn up over night. *glares at my next door neighbor's obnoxiously large extremest signs* Actually, I hate politics enough that it's almost tempting just for that.

If you can transform whenever, the heightened senses would probably stop me from using it for fun because I already have sensory issues. You could make a lot of money from furries paying to bite you. (And again, getting to tear up political signs.)

Seems like either an easy way for an even stronger bond with your Pokemon or an easy way for Pokemon to get extra practice in restraining opponents if you can't control yourself. I'd be worried about controling myself, but if you have friends who can stop you from hurting anyone, it doesn't seem bad.

It sucks at first because it takes a while getting used to heightened senses and new instincts. You also need a way to make sure you're not a danger to anyone at night. I liked going to the middle of nowhere before I had a way to control myself. It's not bad when you get used to it, but the full moon and blood moons are too much of a problem to be worth getting it on purpose unless you have a way to control yourself like I do. It's pretty awesome if you want to be an animal and have a way to control yourself though.
And you wonder why people call you a furry.
*snarls to show teeth*
how do your ocs interact with eachother if theyre in completely different universes
Outside this AMA, nope. Different universes. That said, Terraria canonically has connections to other games because of Dungeon Defender 2 crossover, so it wouldn't be impossible for them to meet.

Any idea how you ended up here?
My grandpa's a Wizard. He can make portals to other worlds.
Magic is real? I'm... not shocked at all. That explains a ton.
Didn't you say Clefable has Magic Guard?
I thought it was just a name and there had to be a scientifically possible explanation.
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