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PC Background in-game select & Architect NPC

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by Medieval Artist, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Medieval Artist

    Medieval Artist Terrarian

    Hello , i'm Anathema and i'm a medieval artist. As you can see sometimes we don't get the right background we wanted, and i re-create my world over and over again in order to get that one beautiful background. I'm asking that they will provide what background we wanted for each biome in the world creation or even better, we can change Background in-game and move it so we can see the top and the bottom, whatever suits our taste best. please someone that pay attention so much like me driven crazy by this.
    in addition to that, i'd like to see a new architect NPC, that sells blueprints like castle design or house design, both from medieval and renaissance. i'd like them to sell us those blueprints and even better, we can make our community to help each other by adding blueprints. and i think this is useful for someone like me who wants to build a cool looking castle and village but at the same time can't make it because not knowing how. if possible , i'd like for them to sell rocks and other rare/painfully slow to collect materials like stone
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  2. TerrarianGamer0527

    TerrarianGamer0527 Skeletron

    You can change backgrounds with the Tedit.