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HELLO! Wait... that's kinda too energetic, wait one sec... Greetings my friend, welcome to my AMA, you can (obviously) ask me anything, yay! I have been stepping out of the shadows, becoming more "productive", I'm doing multiple kinds of stuff and improving myself rather than just play games all day or watch Youtube. Anyways I've done a few things on this wonderful place, so you can ask me about some of my creations as well as other stuff, here are some major questions:
  1. My series of stories: Stories of Legendary Heroes, some of you might wonder about a few stuff there so you can ask me a few things.
  2. My characters: they can be used in my series of story, they are owners of legendary Terraria weapons in various of mods, use those weapons to ask about one character.
  3. Other stuff such as future possibilities of myself doing more things or limited information around me.
Alright, ask me questions and I will answer them. I will also update the list assuming that in the future, I actually done something more productive than now. You can still ask other types of questions rather than some on my list if you wanted to.
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When'd you start writing novels?
Actually, now. Writing light-novel (or at least something close to that) is currently the least effort thing that I can do, but it takes a bunch of time so I won't able to write a lot, I would need 1 or 2 hours of free time just to continue writing. My post of the light-novel is over at the Terraria Literature & Music section, you will understand the story later there.
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