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Bridging Summoner Gaps (Summoning Weapons Suggestion)

Which of these would you like to see in the game?

  • All of them!

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Snowflake Staff

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Soul Staff

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Pixie Staff

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • None of them, actually.

    Votes: 3 37.5%

  • Total voters


Duke Fishron
Hey there, Yello here! It's been a long time since I last made a suggestion, so I apologize if there's something missing here and there.

(P.S.: If I recall correctly, this should be my first ever summoner suggestion and first attempt at serious pixel-art!)

So, we all know how hard being an early-game summoner is, even after Journey's End. Low damage output, squishy characters and rare summon weapons. These three weapons will serve to bridge the progression gaps between the summoner milestones.

Snowflake Staff.png
Snowflake Staff
Summon damage: 7
Knockback: 2
Mana: 10
Use time: 26
Velocity: 10
Crafting: 10 Boreal Wood + 5 Shiverthorn @ any Anvil
Summons a minion resembling Flocko that shoots icicles at enemies.

Okay, awkward crafting recipe, but at least it serves the purpose as a summon. I'm wondering whether this guy should get a chance to slow enemies down.
Soul Staff.gif
Soul Staff
Summon damage: 9
Knockback: 3
Mana: 10
Use time: 24
Velocity: 10
Crafting: 8 Iron/Lead Bars + 3 Diamonds @ any Anvil (Graveyard Mini-biome)
Summons Lost Soul-like minions that home in on enemies, dealing contact damage. Flies fast.

Most summoners die every now and then, so why not give them something to make up for their deaths? Spooky! (Good luck grinding NPC graves, hardcores!)

Pixie Staff.png
Pixie Staff
Summon damage: 25
Knockback: 3
Mana: 10
Use time: 28
Velocity: 10
Crafting: 30 Pixie Dust + 1 Unicorn Horn @ any Anvil
Summons a pixie that shoots a beam of light at enemies.

I admit, not very creative, but it serves as an alternative to the (grounded) Spider Staff. The pixies also emit a small amount of light, perfect for exploring the even deadlier hardmode caverns!

As always, thanks for reading my suggestion! Feel free to comment, and constructive criticism is obviously welcome.


The Summoner Class is in need of an overhaul, the first step is categorizing the equipment they have:

Minion Summon- uses small units to attack, allow the player to craft Gemstone Wisp rods
Guardian Summon- a variant of the minion summon, instead of units, the guardian summons use tiers, like the Stardust Dragon, a basic version of this would be Gemstone Elemental rods
Sentry Summon- stationary attackers, can only summon one normally, but several during bosses/events, add Gemstone Pillar rods to use this
Whips- a melee esque weapon that tags enemies for extra damage, add Gemstone Tipped Chain Whips
Wing Gloves(new)- a summoner counterpart to ranged weapons, a glove that sends out birds and other flying creatures to attack, some of them require you to catch some flying critters to craft them, although the Phoenix Glove is crafted with just Hellstone Bars, and others can be found, like an Ocular Glove from demon eyes

New Armor- add new early summoner equipment crafted from gemstones, Gemstone Vestments, and Gemstone Circlets, which are crafted the same way as the Gemstone Robes(for additional bonuses, add Gemstone Hoods for the Magic class, and Gemstone leggings that work for both the Magic and Summoner classes)


Summoner damage is fine IMO if you play smart. Whips added a huge buff to summon damage. The real issue with summoner progression is in the armor and accessory department (or lack thereof), through much of the game where it pretty much goes like this --- no armor till Queen Bee -----> Spider armor till Plantara -----> Tiki armor till Pumpkin Moon ----> Spooky armor till Moon Lord. And summoner accessories only come very late in the game. :sigh:


Duke Fishron
True, but most of the materials already have corresponding armor pieces :/

Also, I heard about the Summoner headpiece for the Hallowed Armors. How good is it?

Omega Derpling

The two first ones are really good and go exactly where summoner needs it, but the second one is outclassed by the Blade Staff in every way.
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