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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by MountainDrew, May 27, 2016.


What would you like me to create more of?

  1. NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    834 vote(s)
  2. Bosses

    1,517 vote(s)
  3. Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    1,078 vote(s)
  4. Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    295 vote(s)
  5. Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    243 vote(s)
  1. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    We may be back but I want to make something clear. If it becomes as bad as it was before I will not be saying anything. I will zip my lips and just let the mods handle it as I made clear to Tunnel King.

    I will also only be posting spoilers and updating the thread as usual. If I do anything out of the ordinary please yell at me or something, thank you.
  2. Judtera

    Judtera Plantera

    The thread is back my boi
  3. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    Calamity banners when :^)? ~~Pls dont hurt me drew~~
    MountainDrew likes this.
  4. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    Roger roger.
    You mean like this one?
    Or maybe... this one?
    Halt! For the hour of the hammer is upon us!
  5. EnderFXO

    EnderFXO Spazmatism

    So will Calamity 1.2 download be here because I refuse to wait like 6 hours for my Discord to load up -_-
  6. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    i mean monster banners ingame
  7. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    Oh. Well, this is awkward... You said banners and I got a little excited...
  8. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    Those do look good though.
  9. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    Thank you! I've been making a lot of them.
  10. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Updated the OP. Just minor changes right now because updating the whole thing would be insane.
  11. EnderFXO

    EnderFXO Spazmatism

    (Looks at Update Progress)
    Reaction: HOW COULD YOU FORGET SOMETHING YOU ALREADY DID 2 TO 3 WEEKS AGO!? Atleast you aren't always forgetting :red: you are supposed to remember unlike me :p
  12. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    He'll change that later. There's too many changes to make to update it all now. Best to do it little by little, right?
    Alucard3598 likes this.
  13. EnderFXO

    EnderFXO Spazmatism

    I was referring to the fact that MountainDrew typed something that would confuse people. Also was referring to my own memory span. Come to think of it I need help with that. Also great update MountainDrew! May I suggest adding another boss to early hardmode? I don't know why but I feel like Cryogen is more of a Mid Hardmode boss.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
    MountainDrew likes this.

    HORRIOR Skeletron Prime

    I left a suggestion in discord of adding in a Rare Pearl of Enthrallment into the mod, that allowed the summon of the original Siren Waifu.

    I would like to hear if this is an acceptable addition to the mod.
  15. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher Golem

    That sounds like a good idea, but truthfully I would want the rare pearl to use the sprite of the current Siren boss.
  16. Eyad the stickman

    Eyad the stickman Skeletron Prime

    this mod is cool i never get bored of killing supreme calamitas and yharon
  17. KBitegp

    KBitegp Skeletron

    let's hope for the best...
  18. TheFoxing

    TheFoxing Terrarian

    c-calamity updates? w-what? :dryadindifferent:

    also, why the removal of prepare to die/cry?! :dryadeek:
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
  19. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    Because they were replaced by Revengence.
  20. TheFoxing

    TheFoxing Terrarian

    yeah but i'm looking at the wiki and supreme calam has 1/3rd the health in reveng vs cry =|