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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by MountainDrew, May 27, 2016.


What would you like me to create more of?

  1. NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    834 vote(s)
  2. Bosses

    1,517 vote(s)
  3. Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    1,078 vote(s)
  4. Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    295 vote(s)
  5. Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    243 vote(s)
  1. themightyjevry

    themightyjevry Terrarian

    i dunno if you would ever read this. but i have found an issue with the expert slime god. the slime god who is immune to dmg until the other 2 are defeated inflicts a debuff which prevents the player moving vertically, and then charges horizontally. making dodging after the first hit impossible. and whenever he charges you and hits you he re-inflicts this debuff. this is very annoying and i dare to say impossible to counter. well maybe high armor rating might.

    i don't know if this is intentional but i really hope not.
    if it is i would like to hear how to defeat the expert slime god
  2. themightyjevry

    themightyjevry Terrarian

    found a bit of a bug. the ebonian slime armor summoner set's set bonus (mini slime god minion) counts towards max minions. meaning my total minions isn't 1base+1 +1 from set bonus. but 1base+1 -1 from set bonus. and since the mini slime god doesn't fly permanently it is also an unreliable dmg source. meaning i cannot use summon stuff until i get the next summon armor since this one is simply super ineffective
  3. Lucas the PS3/PS4 player

    Lucas the PS3/PS4 player Skeletron Prime

    I love the whole concept but when using the boss check list mod it says supreme calamitas is the last boss is this true? If not please fix it
  4. Blockaroz

    Blockaroz Terrarian

    Supreme Calamitas is, in fact, the last boss as of now.
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  5. varn_uci68

    varn_uci68 Terrarian

    Is the progress still gonna update or will it be stuck at 90%?
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  6. Bob Saggot

    Bob Saggot Terrarian

    @MountainDrew, I know that this mod has been receiving a large amount of criticism lately and that this could likely be the cause of your loss of motivation, but seriously, just focus on this mod for the way you want it. I know this is your plan and that you are basing this mod on your vision already, but I can understand how all of this negative feedback is affecting your drive for further creation.

    Overall what i'm trying to say is this mod is amazing just the way it is. I love the ridiculous boss battles and equipment that puts other mods to shame, and I love how you are balancing the many regen and DR faults with the base game. It's great you are taking initiative to make this mod as difficult as you want it to be while also greatly balancing out the rewards system that you have set in place.

    Keep up the great work! Only you can make this mod truly Calamity, and it would be a genuine shame if you were to quit due to the stupid criticisms being thrown your way for something that you owe them nothing for
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  7. orangepecan

    orangepecan Terrarian

    Hold on a second.

    First of all, there is nothing objectively wrong with the base game. That people see issues with it is due to the introduction of other mechanics and content. So I take a bit of exception when people say things like this as if they are supposed to be taken as fact.

    Second, just because work on this mod is done for free, does not automatically mean people are not allowed to voice their opinions about aspects of it. In fact, if people didn't share feedback about this mod, positive or negative, I think it would make it a lot worse. The mod, after all, would be absolutely nothing without players to play it, and I imagine the devs get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that so many people play and enjoy it. These players, who actually play the mod and experience the content with fresh eyes, are very likely to offer insight into things that could be improved upon that the devs didn't even realize.

    Now, I am not condoning the very rude comments made by certain posters, but I do think as a content creator, you need to have very thick skin against harsh criticism. You need to be able to check your pride and ego at the door, dig through the bull:red: comments, and try to find the truly valuable feedback. Obviously since the devs aren't getting paid to make this, it is understandable if they would rather not deal with all of that. I can appreciate that.

    Finally, if many people voice their displeasure about a certain change, there is a very high chance that even if you, as the developer, think it's a good change, there's a very high chance that it simply isn't. Making changes that lead to your players saying the game is less fun just simply isn't a good idea. I am *not* saying that's what happened here, but it is something to keep in mind.

    If the devs fully addressed the reason for making certain changes and explained why they made them, I think it would help to tone down the vitriol and maybe help people understand why they are made. Again, though, since they are doing this for free, I can appreciate if they just don't want to do that.
  8. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    There was no need to hold his words to such intense scrutiny. The guy was merely offering some kind words of support... :sigh:

    Progress on this fine mod continues regardless of the number.

    I wouldn't worry so much about what the first post says.
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  9. Syrence

    Syrence Terrarian

    Hello! I've got a problem dealing with the mod, In my playthrough I've gotten the error yharom.mp3 when connecting to a multiplayer server, is this common and is there a fix? Thanks.
  10. Poly

    Poly Steampunker

    so it seems you've already beaten it judging from your last comment, pretty much anything that allows you to move like a grappling hook, bottle or counter scarf allows you to dodge the slime when it decides to come back to hit you again so you can avoid the debuff hitting you again.
    I managed to beat him first try in revengeance with aerospec, perfect dark and the bundle of balloons to dodge him, so I'd say it's pretty effective
  11. themightyjevry

    themightyjevry Terrarian

    ah, well i honestly just sheated a bit to beat him, i enabled and disabled god-mode repeatedly giving me basicly infinite hp. but even with the pre-hardmode wings it was basicly impossible for me to continuesly dodge the orb gosh what is this comment typer anoying let me add symbols not replace them i have to rewrite half the text whenever i make a mistake!
    anyways. wings didn't cut it for me. though i admit my 1000 platform wide arena was a bit high and i could have used some more gravity. but the moment you get hit you are doomed to die 80% of the time. there simply is no recovering from the orbs attack. and that is what bothers me. a player has to be able to make more then 1 mistake in a fight. else it is like playing a expert guitar hero song but you may not miss a single note.
    i tried it with earospec and flare machinegun btw.
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  12. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This thread is locked at the author's request.

    Actually, Mountain Drew requested that we delete all traces of it. We are considering that, but we are not prepared to do that just yet. We generally don't delete threads, much less one as active as this one has been. There are special circumstances to consider, though, such as
    • Information will not be updated here,
    • The mod might be considered abandoned and some might think they can loot it for sprites and ideas.
    Nonetheless - if anyone wants to backup sprites/etc. that they have created, now would be a good time to do that.


    It has been suggested that Calamity will continue 'elsewhere'. We wish them the best of luck and success.

    For now - we will not permit any other threads to discuss Calamity to be made on this forum, by anyone. We're not going to have a repeat or continuation of the rude behavior and general chaos that has plagued this thread. Any threads that crop up will be locked/removed. You may continue to use your profiles to discuss Calamity, and you may still use 'support banners' in your signatures - though the links may need to be updated to the new home.


    The Forum Staff is not happy with how things arrived at this point. We have been inundated by reports and complaints from this thread for months - which I am positive has been reported more times than any other forum thread (I have no definitive way to support this statement with statistics, btw). Some may think we ignored situations where we should have intervened, while others likely think we had no business 'butting in' here at all.

    This is not 'Calamity Community Forums'. It's 'Terraria Community Forums', and the expectations that people will post with mutual respect and civility apply everywhere and to everyone equally, at all times. This basic rule has been repeatedly ignored by many people in this thread, including the mod developers, the mod supporters, and the people complaining about one thing or the other. Not everyone, but many, on all sides. You can't expect to respond to personal criticism and insults with more of the same and claim the high ground. When everyone is slinging mud, no side is in the right, and when the Forum Staff is seen as unwelcome interlopers by all, then this becomes an untenable situation.
  13. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    MountainDrew has asked that the thread be re-opened to serve the fans of Calamity Mod. It is done, with the following reminders:
    • All parts of the Forum Rules and Culture must be observed by all who post here. No exceptions made.
    • If you feel that some people are not following the rules, Report and MOVE ON. That means: after reporting something or someone, you leave it for the Forum Staff to resolve, and stay out of it from that point on. This applies to the mod developers and contributors as well.
    • The Forum Staff are the sole moderators of this thread.
    • If you do not agree with the above and do not wish to comply with these terms, then it's probably best that you refrain from participating in the discussion at all.
    If you stick to the thread topic and post with civility, maturity and respect for others, then there should be no issues.
  14. superchickenpig101

    superchickenpig101 Skeletron Prime

    Thank you, this is one of if not the best mods out there, and I was very sad to come back to the thread after being away for a month and a bit to see it closed.
    It is wonderful to see it open once more.
  15. SamTerarrium

    SamTerarrium Spazmatism

    Nice, :)
  16. Kyuu-

    Kyuu- Skeletron Prime

  17. A lot of the masks dropped by bosses seem to need resprites.
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  18. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    Yeah. I figure they'll get to it eventually.
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  19. Mnemonic_Horse.EXE

    Mnemonic_Horse.EXE Steampunker

    A joyous return! :D I've been singing the praises of this mod since I downloaded it, and I'm so happy to have the thread back!
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  20. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    Huzzah. We back, boys and gals.
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