Mobile Can't find the lizard temple...

Discussion in 'Mobile In-Game Support' started by Thomas Marsh, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Thomas Marsh

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    IMG_0860.PNG IMG_0859.PNG I've looked for a long while... tried to guess where it was and couldn't find it. Can someone please tell me where the temple is? I'm using IOS.
  2. Tamorr

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    Still looks like you have areas to explore. The jungle is massive. Sometimes though it may end up at the edge of the jungle, so keep that in mind. Even close to hell at times. So all I can say is keep searching. :dryadtongue:
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  3. Unit One

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    Did you perhaps create that world before the update that introduced Plantera and the Golem? The Temple would be created during world generation.

    If you're sure the world was created after and there is a Temple, there are large patches that still haven't been uncovered that it still might be in.