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I would love to use this mod, but it absolutely tanks my game performance. Even though FPS remains above 30, it causes lag and slowness, as if running through tar. As soon as I disable this mod, all is well again. I don't understand :(
I'm sorry for my lack of activity lately, guys. Life is being exceptionally busy lately, so I can't get as much work done as I want to. I find myself having to come to terms with the fact that perhaps I can't meet my own expectations all the time and sometimes I might have to release an update before being 100% satisfied with it. There's certainly many things I'd like to add before rounding up the "garden updates", but at the same time I feel like my work has stagnated for a while and it might be good to start working on an update with a new topic.
Coming up will be the electronics update, adding all your electrical appliances. As always, if you have any ideas for this update or any future update, feel free to share them in this thread!
For now, though:
~-~V1.4.1 is out now!~-~
Featuring this:
v1.4.1 (16/10/2018)
-introduced Chinese localization by 抗药又坚硬汉化组(SBMW GROUP)
-added 21 pieces of furniture
----including a wrought iron garden chair, as suggested by @ironysparkles
-added 8 new walls
----including 7 types of trellis, as suggested by @ironysparkles
-added 1 new tile
-polished some formerly unpolished things
----wardrobes and cabinets now count as surfaces, as suggested by @Kefke
----rabbit hole now has a functional bunny in it
-fixed bugs
----added a space in the name of the item formerly known as "OrnateFridge"
----all potted plants' map names are now "Plant", as opposed to "Plant2", "Plant3" etc.
----hardmode forges now properly function as hellforges, thanks to @Bakemono for pointing this out!
-Miracle Mix Seeds can now be planted in clay pots and in planter boxes

Notes: to the right can be seen the new vines block, which can be used to simulate vines growing on background walls. To make your trellis look more lively, or to make your castle look ancient. Underneath it is the sunflower wall, which can be used in combination with sunflowers to create a more expansive-looking sunflower field:

Both the vine block and the sunflower wall are crafted at the cultivation box.
Also the rabbit hole bunny now has its own AI! It's a slightly modified version of the vanilla bunny's AI, and it's still very much work-in-progress, but if I kept pushing back the update's release until I'm 100% satisfied with the bunny, we could look forward to an October 2038 release. For all ye who plan on using the rabbit hole in your gardens: the bunny has a tendency to blindly hop into deep pits which it cannot possibly escape from. It's silly like that.
Lastly, before I start replying to messages, I'd like to thank everybody who has given the mod a try since I first released it a year and a half ago. The mod has recently surpassed a cumulative total of 100'000 file downloads, which is totally nuts. Also I'd like to especially thank everybody who has submitted their ideas and their bug reports during that time, for helping me mould my mod into its current shape.
Thanks for all the suggestions! Since the next update will revolve around electronics, I think a cash register (and who knows, perhaps desks, too) will fit right in!
I have two: Make it so it spawns on the Dungeon or in random Cabins; or make it so the Clothier sells it.
Thanks for the idea! I kinda figured since it allows you to craft post-Pirates stuff it should be locked behind something or other, but you're right, it's just cosmetic stuff. From the next update onwards it will be sold by the Clothier!
Also there should be a mystical block and wall
[doublepost=1538764259,1538764234][/doublepost]Maybe mystical pillar?
That would be cool, yeah. Any idea what they would look like?
I would love to use this mod, but it absolutely tanks my game performance. Even though FPS remains above 30, it causes lag and slowness, as if running through tar. As soon as I disable this mod, all is well again. I don't understand :(
That doesn't sound right, no :(
Are you using the most recent version of the mod? And what other mods are you using?
This mod is not updated for (tModLoader v0.10.15)
I would have loved to check this mod out, but its out of date. :(
It should be up-to-date for tModLoader v0.10.1.5, which is the most recent version available on the forums.
When I saw it on the browser I said, "whaaaaaaaaat?!" and then when I saw the content shots here I said-screamed, "oh my gaaawd!!"
Thanks a lot, man, for all the hard work. That's the way it goes sometimes - you have to release things just to get them out even if you're not 100% with it.
Our work is never truly finished.
WHOO ELECTRONICS UPDATE, I do believe I have already suggested arcade cabinets & stereo systems/speakers/boom boxes etc, but I have a terrible memory, so imma just request away (possibly again) things like air conditioners & other standard household electronics I hope to see from this update as well. Basically put, HYPE
I like technology
What about pistons? They should be invisible tiles (meaning you can put a tile over it) and when connected to a power source or activated, e.g. by a lever the should push said tile in the direction it's facing in.
Hi there! love your mod.
I came to you page because I was curious about suggesting a wall type.
In some some buildings, mostly from Europe or inspired by Europe, you can find these gorgeous floral wallpapers that look a bit something like this:

I was wondering is this is something you would consider adding to the mod.
Cheers <3
I've been waiting for this. A great mod, but still lots that could be added.

Here's a few ideas;
- A few factory machines to make your industrial place look fancy and, well, industrial;
- Piping blocks and walls;
- RC Cars;
- Vacuums;
- Microwave-Oven (can cook food);
- Oven (can cook food);
- Fridges (can hold stuff);
- F u r b i e s;
- Light bulbs;
- Neon lights (neon tubes should be able to connect to eachother);
- Dark Lights;
- Placeable batteries;
- Digital Clocks;
- Those wierd sphere things;
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