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Changelog for Mobile Terraria v1. Build 537 Patch notes and known issues


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Mobile Terraria v1. Build 537 Patch notes and known issues

Thank you everyone for your patience on some of these pesky bugs! We hope everyone is happy with where we are at and have a lot of fun playing 1.4 Mobile over the holiday season!

The below issues are all FIXED!

  • Can target enemies for attacks by summoned minions
  • Can now place food items on plates
  • Target lock no longer also targets grapple direction
  • Can now place blocks when target lock is on
  • Fixed some crash bugs and potential data loss scenarios
  • Pylons will now work properly in local multiplayer if placed by a host
  • Mannequins and Hatracks placed by the host in multiplayer are now interactable
  • Fixed which items can go in social equipment slots
  • Potion of Return is now detected by smart cursor
  • Potion of Return’s portals now display on the Map
  • Confetti Cannons now properly shoot Confetti
  • Herbs will now bloom properly
  • Loot All works correctly in the Void Vault
  • Peace Candles can now be turned off
  • Crystal and Wood doors are no longer missing a pixel on low quality setting
  • Liquids no longer become transparent when filling the entire screen
  • Tall Hats no longer causes visual glitches on low quality setting
  • Fixed dye issues on Terraprisma and Stardust Guardian
  • Fixed dye issues on Hallowed Plate cape in Players and Player Select lists
  • Fixed numerous other lighting and glow visual glitches
  • Duplicate projectiles no longer appear in the Players list
  • Improved flow for creating new Players and Worlds on first play
  • Pinch Zoom character now properly centered with the center of the screen
  • Pinch Zoom and scrolling on map no longer causes accidental pings
  • Segmented kites display correctly when summoning OOA ballistas
  • Fingerprint scanner of some devices no longer hides the game UI
  • Split stack no longer hidden under other UIs with a Gamepad
  • Chat windows now respect the Bottom Up option when changed in settings

A few additional bugs we are aware of but were not able to address in the above, so these are known issues:

  • Star in a Bottle Buff not displayed in buffs
  • The Gelatinous Pillion is not showing correctly when dyed
  • Traveling Merchant’s leaving text displays twice in the chat in single player (oops!)
  • Drinking a Hunter Potion displays duplicate visuals on a few items with glows
    • Sunflowers and Hanging Braziers show their glow as offset when the potion is consumed
  • Water does not display additional wave VFX

As always please feel free to raise bugs in the Support Forums, if you're experiencing any issues and one of the fabulous staff will do what they can to help!

DR development team is now fully focused on Console versions to take everything we've done with 1.4.0 and bring it to all your hardware, we know that's the main query we're currently receiving! Stay tuned!
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Skeletron Prime
I have one thing to say, was the increased placement range also having increased pickup range intentional? Because this isn’t the case on pc.
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