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Chlorophyte Armor (Mask) vs Dragon Armor


If Chlorophyte can be arguably better than turtle, it can be arguably better than dragon too.
Let's look at the stats.

56 Defense
16% increased melee damage
6% increased melee critical strike chance
5% increased damage
13% increased critical strike chance
Set Bonus: Summons a powerful leaf crystal to shoot at nearby enemies

60 defense
20% increased melee damage
10% increased melee critical strike chance
17% increased melee speed
12% increased movement speed.
Set Bonus: 21% increased melee and movement speed

Now, I'll list the benefits of each one and how one is better than another.

Why Chlorophyte is better:
21% increased melee damage(16% melee + 5% all)(Chlorophyte) vs 20% increased melee damage(Dragon)
19% increased melee critical strike chance(6% melee + 13% all)(Chlorophyte) vs 10% increased critical strike chance(Dragon)
1 Summoned Leaf Crystal(Chlorophyte) vs 0 Leaf Crystals(Dragon)

Why Dragon is better:
60 Defense(Dragon) vs 56 Defense(Chlorophyte)
38% increased melee speed(17% melee + 21% set bonus)(Dragon) vs 0% increased melee speed(Chlorophyte)
33% increased movement speed(12% + 21% set bonus)(Dragon) vs 0% increased movement speed(Chlorophyte)

You decide which is better!

Take note that increaced melee speed will slow down beam swords from shooting out their beam!
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I prefer Dragon for the Melee speed out of those three. I like Ranged and Mage classes more, anyway..

With the right weapons and equipment, ranged is the best class IMO


The melee speed, movement speed and extra defence more than makes up for the 1% increased melee speed and crit chance.

Dragon armour is superior, purely due to the stat bonuses being better than the leaf crystal.
I personally enjoy using Dragon Armor more, as it is meant for Melee Power and Speed. Also to me, Chlorophyte mask is kinda ugly. I tend to use cool looking armor sets.


Melee Speed is very bad with items like terra blade or vampire knives, it makes the blade swing faster, but the beam shoot out slower. For example, in 1 second, the terra blade shoots 2 beams and swings 2 times. With increaced melee speed, it swings 3 times and shoots 1 time. Vampire knives don't actually have a "blade", wich makes it even worse with vamp knives. I would go for either chlorophyte, turtle, or beetle.
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