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What if meteor armor wasn't completely insane? +other rebalances

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
These are the armors I'll be rebalancing:
Meteor armor
Jungle armor
Shadow armor
Necro armor
Molten armor

I'll start with Meteor armor. You see the problem with Meteor armor is its insanely powerful for its stage of the game, and almost completely outclasses Jungle armor. Here are its old stats, with the new ones next to it:

16 defense -> 14 defense
+21% magic damage -> +13% magic damage
Set bonus: Space gun costs 0 mana -> Space gun costs 0 mana (I kept it because the other nerfs are savage enough)

Jungle has a similar, yet opposite problem to Meteor. It is rather weak, and pales in comparison to Meteor.

17 defense -> 17 defense
+80 mana -> +60 mana
+12% magic critical strike chance -> +13% magic critical stike chance
+5% magic damage
Set bonus: -16% mana costs -> -20% mana costs
Shadow armor literally just boosts melee speed, but we all brand it as "The warrior's pre-hellstone armor solution".

19 defense -> 19 defense
+21% melee attack speed -> +17% melee attack speed
+11% melee damage
+10% movement speed
Set bonus: +15% movement speed -> Dealing melee critical strikes causes a dark pulse to home onto the highest health enemy onscreen, each dealing double of the crit.
Necro just has weirdly low defense.

16 defense -> 20 defense
+15% ranged damage -> +16% ranged damage
20% chance to not consume ammo -> 15% chance not to consume ammo
Set bonus: +10% ranged critical strike chance


25 defense -> 26 defense
+17% melee damage -> 18% melee damage
+5% melee critical strike chance
Lava only deals 10% of the damage
+5% damage absorption
Enemies are more likely to target you (50+ aggro)


The Meteor armor tweaks completely forget that the main problem with the armor isn't the stats, but the set bonus, which greatly buffs what is one of the more powerful pre-HM weapons, and not the stats themselves.
Jungle armor, meanwhile, still increases it's respective damage by too little in comparison to other armors. In fact, the stat setup actually makes it worse, as the mana pool bonus is decreased while the mana consumption savings is only increased by 4%, with damage being slightly boosted to compensate.
Shadow doesn't need a tweak so much as an overhaul, as it's pretty much melee-exclusive, while Crimson is a classless armor (Which the game needs more of IMO). The set bonus sounds rather OP, specially when Night's Edge and the Lucky modifier are considered.
The Necro Armor tweaks, for the most part, are both very minor and arbitrary: Why is the damage bonus buffed, and by so little? Why is the ammo consumption reduction decreased? Is there even a need for it to increase crit chance?
Molten armor also gets unwarranted buffs. Specially in the lava damage reduction, which could potentially make fighting the WoF much easier than it should be.
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