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Pixel Art Cold Blue's Pixel Art


Dungeon Spirit
I would love to see the usual Terra Magic Staves (corrupt/crimson, Jungle, Hell, Dungeon, Hallowed, Terra). While I do know that's a large request, if you only do one of them, I'd like to see the Terra Staff. Thanks :)

Coldshot Boostar

Dungeon Spirit
Dimensional rotation practice.

Only the face and shell were rotated dimensionally. Legs only move around. Because I'm too lazy for that.
This thing was made last month but I haven't finished its animation until now.

Coldshot Boostar

Dungeon Spirit
I apologize for the long wait.

Very spooky spider out.
This one took me long (finished on October 18).
Guess I'm bad at studying creature walk cycle. Unfortunately, it doesn't even look natural in the end.
Though, I don't know how to fix this. Sorry.
Where's that damn sixth staff?

Now onto Dungeon and Terra.

Terraria Spriting Discord:
Red Slime's requests.

From duels:

From weekly contest:

Terraria 2nd Anniversary Contest:

- For a friend.
- Remake of ninjakai03's cannon.

Coldshot Boostar

Dungeon Spirit
I'll just irresponsibly dump a bunch of stuff here. Thank you for stopping.
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