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Discussion in 'Released' started by Hastur, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    what slimes don't have color? I mean, I saw one (the green one) but nothing else.
  2. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    Bugs already fixed, update will be available throughout the day.
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  3. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    I suspect the bug affects all the slimes that use the basic slime sprites and then color it; while slimes that have their own sprites are unaffected.

    • Blue Slime
    • Green Slime
    • Rainbow Slime
    • Green Slime
    • Purple Slime
    • Red Slime
    • Yellow Slime
    • Jungle Slime
    • Pinky
    • King Slime
    • Lava Slime
    • Illuminant Slime
    • Ice Slime
    • Crimslime
    • Spiked Ice Slime
    • Spiked Jungle Slime
    • Umbrella Slime
    • Present Slime (all four types)
    • Spiked Slime
    • Slimeling
    • Slimer
    • Toxic Sludge
    • Gastropod
    Hard to tell because of their natural color:
    • Mother Slime
    • Baby Slime
    • Black Slime
    • Dungeon Slime
    • Bunny Slime
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  4. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    That was super fast and appreciated.
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  5. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Hotfix v.1.1.1 is out on Mod Browser!
    Thanks for your help with finding bugs! :D

    - fixed colorless slimes
    - fixed consuming the Horn o' plenty on healing hotkey
    - added recipe for Holy Hand Grenade
    - changed drop rates of summoning items for Lepus and Turkor
    - Diseaster Bunnies now have a chance to spawn if Lepus is not defeated in a world. They occasionally drop Suspicious Looking Eggs.
    - something I might have forgotten about
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  6. Incinerate

    Incinerate Official Terrarian

    Slime color confirmed to be back.

    Holy Hand Grenade recipe still unavailable according to Recipe Browser.
  7. Thewolensheep

    Thewolensheep Terrarian

    Is it possible for the Suspicious Looking Apple to be added to the game. wiki page here: Suspicious Looking Apple but i stead of it being a pet, it's a minion that shoots bazooka shells and grenades (that don't destroy blocks.)
  8. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    I've just checked it exactly on Recipe Browser and there is a recipe.
  9. Incinerate

    Incinerate Official Terrarian

    Weird. Once I'm back on the PC I'll check it again.
  10. unrealmegashark

    unrealmegashark Terrarian

    wait, what texture pack is the last screenshot from? the tree textures i mean.
  11. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    That screenshot was made in the Backwoods, added by our WIP second mod, Rise of Ages (it is also already deleted to avoid any confusion)

    Worm pet is going to be added, but most probably just as a pet with no attack potential.
  12. Aksels0093

    Aksels0093 Terrarian

    I haded same problem but i fixed it,i just need to update recipe browser and refresh the mod!
  13. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    Do the Bone Serpents still drop the Lepus summoner? I spent about 4 hours in the underworld with battle potions and can't seem to get the summoner to drop.
    For more detail - I got an egg from a Bone Serpent right after the update that added Lepus/Turkor. I guess that was a bug?
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  14. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    In Multiplayer, on a Dedicated Server, summoning Lepus with the egg causes him to spawn, and then instantly despawn on the first time he's hit.
    Using Cheat Sheet to spawn him in, however, does not cause this issue.

    Edit: Confirmed the same occurs with Turkor.
    Also on the subject of Turkor, I'd reccommend mentioning in the tooltip of the Stuffing that you need a pet turkey to use it.

    Both also do not appear checked off on Boss Checklist when beaten under these circumstances.
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  15. Incinerate

    Incinerate Official Terrarian

    Uh, there's nothing to update about the Recipe Browser as far as I know. Just checked the Mod Browser to be sure.

    EDIT: Just got the needed items to make the grenade on Mobile and went to a Work Bench. Confirmed, no recipe available.

    So, guys... Any idea?
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  16. DiabolicAngel

    DiabolicAngel Terrarian

    Um there is some hidden buff when this mod is enabled that any attack to an enemy seems to give it some damage over time and has a pink particle effect. This happens with any weapon even from other mods. The buff itself is good but not sure if it is intended because it displays no buff icon or info on it at all and requires nothing for it to be applied.
  17. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    So that's the source of this weird effect...
  18. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Another One Finds The Bugs

    yea i think we're going for one more fix update
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    Yes, it was an ID misspelling that is already fixed in the latest update
  19. Turtlee

    Turtlee Terrarian

    Summoning Turkor in multiplayer causes him to spawn but instantly despawn when hit, not dropping rewards. Summoning Lepus in multiplayer causes the summoner to be unable to see/hurt him.
  20. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime