Console 1.3: The Final Push!

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Pipeworks Studio
Greetings Terrarians!

It has been a little over one month since our latest statement on the status of the 1.3 console update. Much of what was echoed in that previous statement remains the same, however we want to provide a more transparent look into what exactly is being worked on so you have a better understanding of why things were extended past their original estimate.

The Final Push

The team at Pipeworks has made a lot of really great strides since our last formal update. A ton of optimization work has been put into the game, certification bugs have been squashed, and split-screen is shaping up nicely.

At this point we’re in the process of working on some particularly noteworthy bugs; one in particular that is affecting network multiplayer stability. Most of the issues we’re working on currently are what we consider must fixes before we can submit the update for certification. At this time there’s a little over 30 bugs we’re working through before we plan on submitting for certification. This could change, however everyone feels pretty optimistic.

So what other issues are we tackling?
  • Remaining pieces of optimization
  • Localization bugs
  • A few stability/functionality bugs
  • General feedback from Re-Logic & 505 Games

It’s incredibly important to us that out of the gate the community has a great experience. This isn’t just a simple port, but a complete re-write for the future of Terraria. The team at Pipeworks feels a responsibility for carrying that torch well into the future.

We’re nearly finished.

P.S: We're having discussions currently about a possible release date. We aren't avoiding the question; however we want to ensure we're giving out accurate information.

The Terraria Team at Pipeworks
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