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  1. Calen

    Calen Skeletron Prime

    On twitter they have said 2017 is still possible, but that seems unlikely unless it's submitted for certification now.
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  2. pumpernickle12345

    pumpernickle12345 Terrarian

    ya new news soon
  3. Will Stollard

    Will Stollard Terrarian

    Great job guys can’t wait I bet the update will be great
  4. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    You tease...
  5. Deathlord1234774

    Deathlord1234774 Terrarian

    Hooray 1.3 is coming soon
  6. Nayo

    Nayo Terrarian

    Well by now it's coming in 2018 due to the fact that it's holidays... and it takes weeks for certification.. so not soon
  7. Haydon

    Haydon Terrarian

    wait is it coming to wii u?
  8. DXOS3

    DXOS3 Plantera

    In case you gabblers are wondering... ...well idk when the end part of the video is going to happen...
  9. Lil_Ninja4321

    Lil_Ninja4321 Terrarian

    This is what I needed! Thank you, Pipeworks!
  10. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    Why did they release this just as I was going to bed? Now I won't sleep, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!!
  11. Lamb₭night

    Lamb₭night Terrarian

    Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! I’ll have lots of fun trying to sleep tonight! You have to admit though, that title is spot on!
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  12. Da RandomGamer

    Da RandomGamer Terrarian

    Yay :3
  13. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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