Corrupt a Wish

They're competent alright, just not at the game, or at being a team.

I wish I was good at something that would actually benefit me.
Granted, but the cat is in prisons for war crimes against grulovia

I wish one piece episodes would come out fasted
(…but thats how fast the episodes come out normally…)

granted, but its both written and drawn by a 2 year old who knows nothing about the previous comics.

I wish vanilla terraria had higher drop rates
Granted. You know see the word "everythings" everywhere you look, and also hear a voice in your head repeated the word infinitely as well.

I wish I could listen to music more often.
Music starts to infinitely fill your head, but it’s the terraria underground music and it never starts, it just keeps playing forever

I wish for a 5030RTX graphics card that I will never lose and it will never break
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