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Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 158 45.4%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 190 54.6%

  • Total voters


The Corruption has a certain nostalgia to it, and I really do love its monster aesthetic of rotting, mandibled gasbags and worms made up of said gasbags, but when it comes down to it, all the Corruption monsters are quite samey. They just have varying numbers of segments, eyes, length, etc, and with the exception of the slimes (and, really, can you honestly consider slimes, of all things, to add to another biome's diversity when they're everywhere?), there's just not much going on. I LOVE what's there, but the Crimson just has such a wider aesthetic variety of grisly, freakish monstruosities.

Surface Crimson music freaks me out a bit, though, but I love Underground Crimson... though, to be honest, I actually like Underground Corruption music more! Surface Corruption, though... not so sure. With the exception of the initial sting, I honestly think it sounds too... cheery?

I barely even consider gear between the two. I think I'll side with Crimson, though. They're a lot more fun to draw.


I think i prefer the corruption mostly because nostalgia reasons but because i have a hard time with the Crimson, i don't like it being that creepy. I maybe a pussbag but what you can do about that.
I always felt the Corruption is cooler just the name is pretty cool!.


The Mysterious One
I think I like them equally as they both give off different and unique levels of creepiness. Crimson is gory, with blood and organs. Very blunt and gross. The Corruption, however, has a slow and creeping feel to it and also fills me with nostalgia to pre 1.2 days.

Both are creepy and both are awesome. :happy:


Definitely Crimson. I love dark, mysterious, and grueling themes in games, and seeing that most of the Crimson is compromised of deformations and gore, i love it


The Destroyer
Corruption's unique enemy doesn't decide to continue bathing in lava when the Ichor Sticker decides to. That, and the enemies the corruption has creates a swarming effect with the splitting slimes and the slowly approaching army of Corruptors/Eater of Souls.

I mean, Brain of Cthulhu is a nice fight and all and the vampire knives make you nigh invulnerable, but I just love the atmosphere the Corruption gives me. The purple vibe is very majestic, likewise with green flames as a massive chunk of them spews past me while lighting up the whole cavern in its green hue.


Gotta go with Crimson because I can't stand Corruptors, spitting all over my lands and spreading crap. That and I just like the Crimson in general. It's the stuff of nightmares.


Skeletron Prime
While the Crimson has more content and Loot,it is harder
While the Corruption is Easier and have bad loot(the only reason I generate a world with corruption is the Band of Star power)


I actually prefer Crimson... I like the boss better and the environment is nicer, too. But when I make a new world and it has corruption instead of crimson then I just keep it, I don't regenerate until I get crimson. Both have good and not so good things I guess.


Crimson for items like Golden Shower, Ichor Flasks/Bullets, Vampire Knives, but Corruption for... I dunno, Scourge of the Corruptor is a really cool item.
Personally, I like Corruption for... well, it's CORRUTPION while Crimson is only for items.


I don't really have a favorite, I like both of them.

I generally just go with the type that the world generation decides to throw at me.


Official Terrarian
I go for crimson
the brain is easier, the heart drops are cooler, ichor, vampire knives and its easier to go on the crimson caves


I don't really know, to be honest. The Crimson may have better weapons, but it's missing a clearly defined theme imo.


I used to like crimson when it came out on console, but its annoying to me and the corruption is sort of nostalgic to me.

The Governor

Probably corruption, because crimson always seemed unfinished ever since it came out. I heard in the spoilers that its getting more added to it in 1.3 though so thats good.
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