CC Creation Compendium #55

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  1. QuackersDelta

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    It's time for another Creation Compendium, now at number fifty-five!

    For this CC we have some interesting news! First off, I'm leaving the Creation Compendium organization team. It's been a wonderful two years, but my motivation and general interest in the whole community project has, unfortunately, been dropping.

    "But Quackers, how ever will we survive? Think of Darthmorf's poor mental health!" Don't fret, friends, because we've got a wonderful new member to replace me! I'd like to give a formal welcome to @Khaios. You may know this talented forums member from his stellar in-game builds, or his adorable doggos. I'll leave the introductions to Khaios himself, lest I get ahead of myself and his reputation, but I have full faith in his capabilities to keep Creation Compendium running!

    Enough of the teary goodbyes and polite hellos, however. We've got a month of creations to cover!
    As a reminder, please send December's CC entries to @darthmorf, and read up on our rule list! Don't know how to enter? Consult this handy guide!
    Creation Compendium Rules, Regulations and FAQ:

    1) All entries must be submitted to the hosting member's profile NOT via PM (See the previous CC to determine who is next on the rotation).

    2) All entries must be Terraria related in some way or another, whether that is ingame, art, music literature or any other form of creativity.

    3) Each user may only submit one entry per month. Group entries are allowed, but all members who worked on the project must be credited and proof of consent from each member must be given. Group entries do count as a user's single entry.

    4) Plagiarism is strictly not tolerated. Any evidence of such matters should be sent to a member of staff privately as soon as possible. The CC operates on a 'two strikes and you're out' system; after two offenses a user will be permanently banned from entering into all future Creation Compendiums.

    5) The CC is a showcase, not a contest. All entries submitted (that are within the rules) will make it into the post.

    6) Content such as memes, image macros, and other such content that does not contribute to the Compendium's message of expressing your creativity will be rejected. These "low-effort entries" will be taken out at the CC team's discretion.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask @darthmorf, @Khaios or any other member of staff.

    Now, let's get on with it already!



    -Previous CC-
  2. The World Over Heaven

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  3. BlueJay_T_Gaming

    BlueJay_T_Gaming Santa-NK1

    Woo! Awesome job everyone! Can't wait for next months!
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  4. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    Everyone's looks really good! Not better than mine though. I'm still improving, but I'm trying my best. The pixel art ones are quite honestly my favorites.
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  5. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Thank you for your years of service Quackers! And thanks for stepping up to help Khaios!

    As usual, the entries this month were great.
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  6. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Great job with your work on the CC, Quackers! I've got some big shoes to fill :D
    I look forward to working with this great community more, and to see even more great entries to the CC ^.^
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  7. The World Over Heaven

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  8. Third

    Third Terrarian

    these are all great, nice to see terrarians expressing their creativity
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  9. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    @darthmorf the link in your signature that says 'Most recent CC' is actually three CC's behind.
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  10. ComixTheNoob

    ComixTheNoob King Slime

    Well it's sad to see/hear that @QuackersDelta is leaving the CC team, good luck in the future. And welcome @Khaios to the CC team! Finally to everyone who entered, great work!
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  11. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    Neat Stuff!
  12. Scarlet Hunter

    Scarlet Hunter Retinazer

    Nice work! Sad to see Delta leave us behind, but Khaios is super great too!
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  13. Mintbut

    Mintbut King Slime

    Well done everyone! I think with every compendium entries are getting better and better!
  14. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    You've done really well to host the CC for years since I've seen it the first time, Quackers.
    Thank you for the time taken from it, the random messages you always did from the start and using your own profile as a submission host.

    Good luck with the extra time you have now to do whatever you like. :p
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  15. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    The pixel art is impressive as usual, including SPECTER KNIGHT! (Spectre?) ... I'd have to admit the Stylist draw-up looks good as well.
  16. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    A really great round of entries this month, so fun to look over everything.

    Thank you Quackers for all the time you’ve given organizing this for the forums, and welcome to Khaios.
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  17. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    The new creations here are lookin fine indeed, sad to know that you're leaving, so I bid you farewell, and have a nice day @QuackersDelta.
    And maybe I'll try participating in this, I have made a drawing of all vanilla bosses for a reason afterall.
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  18. mrmcmo

    mrmcmo Golem

    These entries are spicy
  19. BlueJay_T_Gaming

    BlueJay_T_Gaming Santa-NK1

    Yes you do ^_^ and you better do it good! You will truly be missed Quackers. It will never be the same without you ;(
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  20. AniNerbe

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