Official Custom Fonts in 1.3.5+

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    As some of you may have noticed, 1.3.5 introduced a new format for font files. This was a requirement for supporting more languages, but unfortunately made it difficult for others to generate their own custom fonts.

    However, I'm happy to announce that we'll be releasing our XNA content pipeline extension for those who wish to create their own fonts for Terraria.

    If you're unfamiliar with XNA's content pipeline, and extensions, you can find more information here:

    Attached is a zip containing the extension and a sample font with documentation of how to use it.
    Simply add the extension as a reference to your content project, and be sure to set any fonts to the correct processor and importer.

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    I love you
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    My hero! <3
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    Oh man, thanks so much for this! Custom fonts are SAVED! :happy:
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    Hello!. Can somebody help me on how to use it?. Thanks!.
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    How could I ever abandon good old Andy?
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    I'm trying to figure out how to make most meaning out of it, but I guess my programming edge really decayed since?

    EDIT: managed to make the magic happen. Awesome.
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    What does this do :p
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    The custom content pipeline is meant to be used in a Visual Studio C# project w/ XNA that takes in multiple fonts and then spits out a compressed image (an expanded spritefont) that replaces one of several Fonts used by Terraria. Only useful if you're creating texture replacements, and requires some mild knowledge of Visual Studio.

    Though I'd LOVE a more streamlined HOWTO to get this up and running without installing 100's of things just for one job.
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    Would anyone be able to make a pack of actual readable fonts?

    Verdana, Tahoma, Segoe UI, Roboto, Ubuntu.
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    I've been using your pack since always, except for while when the Ubuntu font worked, but you're the only one with working fonts atm.
    I think Arial is the one i'm using currently, because it's the most readable font that i knew.
    Others have mentioned it to you, but you have no previews for the fonts, which only leaves trial and error to find out what they are.
    (Rather impossible to discern correctly by looking up the names on a search engine, and i couldn't find an app for previewing .xnb files)

    If you had the time, energy and willingness to do a "Font pack - To end all font packs", i just wanted to leave you with this.

    Having quite a deal of experience trying hundreds of differents fonts with mods in World of Warcraft over the years in search of perfection, i've reduced the list of fonts which are perfect for clear reading at a glance, while not being too big either vertically or horizontally. I've adapted these for use with almost everything i work with that has a font.

    Verdana, Tahoma, Segoe UI, Roboto, Ubuntu.
    Most widespread, mainstream, free fonts.

    There's also:
    • Accidental Presidency - Very good readability when small, 8-9px.
    • Eurostile - Same as above, but slightly different "futuristic" look.
    • Cuprum - Kinda like Segoe UI, rounded and soft.
    The other free "Linux" fonts.
    • Droid Sans.
    • Open Sans.
    • Roboto Condensed - Variant for better fitting in confined spaces.
    I tried making a pack with these myself years ago, with the old font system, but sadly i ultimately failed. (Errors on game launch)

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    @st0rm I'll be sure to add these fonts to my pack once 1.3.6 arrives. Apologies for not having any font previews, I have to add those in at some point. I'm just waiting for 1.3.6 since quite a lot of UI elements will be changing with that update, after that update, there hopefully shouldn't be any major development gaps. Thanks for the suggestions! If you have any others, send me a message!
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    Anyone who will go through the whole process with me? (tell me the general steps, really that's all I need) Have everything that I need I think.

    Will appreciate any help! :D

    Send me a mail please, ty! [email protected]
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    Cool beans :) It's a very short list as i said, you'd be surprised how few of the thousands of mainstream fonts actually measure up when it comes to readability.
    It's understandable that you haven't done previews with as many fonts as you have, considering there isn't a batch process for it, it's damn tiresome manual labor.
    Perhaps do a "main fonts" folder, where you select certain fonts and make previews, and a secondary with all the less-used obscure fonts, for people to try out themselves.
    People will always complain about mods, that you haven't done exactly what they wanted, and feel you're somehow accountable for pleasing their every whim..
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    Thanks for being understanding mate. It's not easy work, but I'll be sure to get to it, I definitely should make the pack more user friendly and whatnot.
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    DIN Pro will also be good to see.