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Important Forum Roleplay: Rules & Guidelines

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The rules in this document outline what is and is not acceptable in the Forum Roleplay section.

Forum Roleplay Summary

The forum roleplay section serves as a hub for members of the community to engage in roleplay activities. This is meant to facilitate forum roleplays, any attempts to create or engage in a roleplay within the context of a Terraria server should be pursued in the Social section of the forum.

Forum Roleplay Rules
  • Terrarian Community Rules & Culture apply to all categories, groups, sections, and threads on the forum.
  • The forum roleplay sections is for roleplay related content. Topics that are not related to roleplay will be locked or moved as needed.
  • Do not create any roleplay that would be considered "18+" or would otherwise violate the rules of the forum.
  • Do not create any form of "erotic roleplay"/ERP. Such things will not be tolerated.
  • Roleplays should be restricted to 1 or 2 threads.
    • A two-thread RP can have an In-Character (IC) thread, and an Out of Character (OOC) thread. They should link to each other in the first posts. The OOC would be for applications, character discussions, etc.
    • A single-thread RP would be for simpler situations where you don't really need a separate thread for applications etc.
    • There will no longer be separate threads for idle chat/bickering/etc. permitted. That's what you use the OOC thread for. This will be strictly enforced for now.
  • Roleplay "owners" will have to rely on the forum staff to deal with problem members, locking/unlocking threads, etc. by using the Report system.
  • Please use an appropriate title prefix tag when creating a thread. This allows other members to more easily find the thread when using the the forum's search functionality. If a thread is lacking a prefix, then an appropriate one may be added by a member of the staff. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.

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