Official "Ask Me Anything" Rules and Guidelines - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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[Note - these threads were formally in a Social Group. If you no longer want your thread here, use the Report feature to request a thread lock/removal.]

This is intended solely for fun and entertainment. Please observe all forum rules of conduct when posting here.

  • One thread is allowed per member. Only start one for yourself, not for someone else.
  • Please do not ask (or answer) questions of a very personal nature, such as those involving graphic sexual activity or history. Don't be a creep.
  • Don't make requests for real gifts, be it money or tangible items like games, etc.
  • Please keep to the question/answer format. Don't use this section for general chat, meme posting, etc. You can do that sort of thing on your profile.

General Suggestions:
  • Outline any types of questions you would rather not answer at the beginning. If you don't want to reveal your age, gender/identity, etc., then say so up front.
  • No one is required to answer all questions, or to answer them truthfully. Have fun with this.
  • If your question isn't being answered, then the author is either thinking about it or doesn't want to answer. Please don't be pushy.
  • If a question or answer makes you uncomfortable, don't respond to further the line of conversation and report it to the Staff if you think necessary.
  • While we don't necessarily have a rule about 'necro-ing' a thread on the forum - if a thread hasn't been active in a while and it's clear the author hasn't been active either, please don't revive a AMA thread in those circumstances.
If you had an AMA thread in the old Social Group - we discovered a problem after moving them here, then deleting the social group.

While your thread was visibly here and you could look at it, no one could reply to it, and the staff couldn't lock/move/delete it. We may yet be able to save them, but you are welcome to make a new AMA thread if you wish.

With this discovery, we have successfully adjusted our method of moving threads from Social Groups so this doesn't happen again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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