Disarray Mod

What should I add next?

  • More Bosses

    Votes: 49 26.3%
  • Basic Furniture

    Votes: 9 4.8%
  • More Accessorys

    Votes: 20 10.8%
  • More Weapons

    Votes: 20 10.8%
  • More Invasions, Modes

    Votes: 31 16.7%
  • More Biomes

    Votes: 30 16.1%
  • New Class

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Ok my weapons master is back (thanks for the tip) but he now seems to be called a Hero? He also does not seem to be selling the nostalgia potion which I need to summon the demon's apprentice... Are there any requirements to make him sell it? I've defeated all the mech bosses except for skeletron prime as well as the shadows and the luna daemonium... Thanks again for your help and for an awesome mod!!!
I cant find any atlastrium? anyone know where it is? because when i find it I'm going to think "AT LAST(RIUM)"
The shadows boss battle is too tough mate,i've only could defeat it with post moon lord armor(im a noob,but still its too op)
The kaos demon does about 100 damage even with Xeroc Armour(Calamity).
The general's eye boss battle is too silly,if the eye itself hits you you're done,getting confused and he will hug you to death.
Make the technodrium ore to be more common on the world,i found myself with 100 ores in about 30 minutes wich is a small amount in consideration to other mods/vanilla
The assasin,or the entity its too much,even with xeroc armor its destroying me...
Those were my issues with the mod so far,still havent finished it.

Now here are my questions
1.What do i need to summon the Robots?
2.When does the weapon master sells the nostalgia potion?

Here are some thing i liked about the mod:
Some sprites are super-cool,the general's eye,sub-zero and lunar serpent are lovely to see!
All the armour sets look nice.

I would love to talk with you about some nerfs for some items because they are op too.
The generals eye in the newest versions is slower and doesnt inflict confused anymore
The shadow, assassin and other bosses are planned to be replaced or revamped
Ill increase the ore spawn rate
Ill nerf the khaos demon
Robots are gone due to the bug people experienced
Hardmode, if you're in a newer version post all mech bosses

And item nerfs can be discussed at discord
The generals eye in the newest versions is slower and doesnt inflict confused anymore
Its already been nerfed in the newest version, the only reason he should be able to contact you is if you messed up
Grettings . wanted to ask what would happen if i use this mods hardmode together with the calamity hardmode . is one of them gonna overlap the other one or are they gonna stack on each other ?
Noice:) atlastrium generates post eow in the caverns
I did find some over night but i found it to be a little to rare. could you please increase the amount of atalstrium that the world generates after the EoW in the next update? Just a suggestion.
So far, the mod has been amazing. I'm really happy with the work you've put into it.
One thing I thought I'd mention however, is this:
The Unholy power sword seems to give off a lot of fire particles which last quite a while. I was passively counting up to 20 seconds at least, which kind of results in a particle mess after using the sword for a while. It does impact framerate slightly for me, so reducing the amount of particles & making their lifespan shorter would be amazing.
Cheers! :happy:
I have some suggestions about the "Plant King" boss,
First of all, a throwing weapon would be a nice addition to the drop pool, my idea was a weapon that fires the projectiles that the plant king fires that can be thrown rapidly.
Secondly, I feel like the Plant King should summon blossoms that will home in on the player and pass through blocks, they could have a health bar and have to be defeated to despawn, so that the player can't just cheeze the boss by blocking himself in with a sniping spot.
Great mod so far, loving the diversity! :happy:
Thanks! Plant king is being reworked so that idea will be considered, throwing weapon to the drop pool will be added next update :happy:
Hi, nice mod. But this thread miss some information about the Disarray Mode. Would be nice if you could add some info about what happen after activating it. I accidentally did it^^
I think the item already explains it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it buffs enemies health, damage, coin drop and makes vanilla bosses more difficult
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